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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #90

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1 of 6|Toyo Ferret ATV
2 of 6| Samsung Powerbot Vacuum
3 of 6|Cowarobot R1 Robotic Suitcase
4 of 6|Edorado 7S
5 of 6|Ripchair 3.0
6 of 6|Rollholz Skateboards

Feeling techy, punk? Of course you are. It’s time to shut up and let us take your hard earned dollars with this week’s best gadgets and objects of manly affection.

#1 Toyo Ferret ATV

There’s only one way to promote the latest off-road tyres and that’s by building an absolute beast of an off-road ATV. The Toyo Tyres Ferret is modelled off a 1959 Ferret Scout which is a British armoured reconnaissance vehicle. Built in collaboration with Action Vehicle Engineering, the ATV even has a third pair of wheels to help it through gnarly terrain and when that’s not enough, the canon has been replaced with a fireable grappling hook which can be shot at trees and used as a winch. Crazy? Yes. Cool? Definitely.


Price: $TBC/BUY

#2 Samsung Powerbot Vacuum

Samsung are keeping it clean and going after the Dyson crew with the release of their sexy new Powerbot Vacuum. The CycloneForce offers up 70 times the suction power of other conventional robot vacuum but the coolest part? It has built-in Wi-Fi so that users can select where and when the robot should clean. The device is controlled via an on-board camera which maps out your entire home do avoid obstacles. It also looks sexy as hell with its matte black and gold accents or metallic blue.

Price: +$1,000/BUY

#3 Cowarobot R1 Robotic Suitcase

Ever wish your luggage could just follow you around the airport by itself? Wish no more. Cowarobot R1 is the TSA-approved luggage case that follows its owner around without any human interaction. As freaky as that’ll look in the terminals, the luggage is actually rather intuitive, relying on sensors and a tracking bracelet to follow a user at up to 7km/h. When it’s time to be opened, simply touch the handle and the luggage will switch into manual mode. It can even find its owner via GPS or send an owner its location via an app. Watch the video below to see how this wild creation works.

Price: $429/BUY

#4 Edorado 7S

The electric revolution is beginning to seep its way into the world of boats and one of the first and the coolest is the Edorado 7S. The water craft is entirely electric, emits zero emissions and features the cool design of hydrofoils which raises the boat at speed for less resistance. The boat can hit speeds of 40 knots with a silky smooth ride.

Price: $TBA/BUY


#5 Ripchair 3.0

Not content with building the most fearsome compact battle tank ever conceived by man, Howe & Howe have taken the odd step of building a an all-terrain vehicle for wheelchair users. The cool little vehicle has enough room for a wheelchair to roll into and features a 29hp 4-stroke engine as well as a heavy pulling capacity. It can travel up to 16km/h with customisable options such as rods, lights, winches, guns and more. Non-disabled people can also use it too. Just add a seat.

Price: $40,000/BUY

#6 Rollholz Skateboards

Boards don’t get any cooler than this. Tom Wilhelm from Dortmund has taken it in his own stride to make these funky 70s-inspired cruisers by hand. The boards are trademarked designs which feature a single deck of carved wood, either in zebrawood, walnut or ash, and sport a bold colour stripe splashed across the bottom half. Even if you’re not a boarder these things will look sweet hanging on a shopfront wall or office.

Price: $140/BUY


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