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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #91

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1 of 6|EVO 43 Yacht
2 of 6|Ori Robotic Furniture
3 of 6|Triumph Rocket Bike
4 of 6|HP Powerup Backpack
5 of 6|Wilson Connected Football
6 of 6|Lego RC Defender

Heartbroken and lonely? There’s a machine to fill that void. It’s time to shut up and let us take your hard earned dollars with this week’s best gadgets and objects of manly affection.

#1 EVO 43 Yacht

Proving that minimalist yachting doesn’t need to mean stripping away luxuries, the EVO 43 Yacht offers everything one needs to conquer the calmer seas in absolute class. The unique design of the craft allows for the extension of a rear bench area which splits into three spacious sections made for anything from lounging to tanning. If the sun is not your friend, owners can opt to head downstairs where a v-shaped dining area resides which conveniently transforms into a double bed and a wood and ceramic bathroom complete with storage space. Buyers will get a choice of three engines with the most powerful receiving a 38 knot max speed.

Price: $750,000+


#2 Ori Robotic Furniture

With increasing house and apartment prices in major cities and no increase in living space, it was only a matter of time before someone created the Ori Robotic Furniture. That’s right, following robotic tattoo artists, Ori is a new all in one furniture solution that will help urban dwellers get the most out of their apartment space at the touch of a button. Developed in partnership with MIT Media Lab and inspired by Japanese Origami, the device features a slide in bed, wardrobe, cabinets, loungeroom shelves and more. See the video to find out how it works.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#3 Triumph Rocket

Who needs a bike when you can have a rocket bike? That appears to be the thought process of bike manufacturer, Triumph, when they decided to reclaim their land speed record 45 years later. The new “bike” is powered by two turbocharged Rocket II engines which produces over 1,000hp and is strapped onto a carbon-kevlar body spanning 7.6 metres in length. Guy Martin who honed his craft at the daunting Isle of Man TT will be the pilot of this wild machine which is expected to hit almost 650km/h at the end of this month.

Price: $N/A

#4 HP Powerup Backpack

Looking like any standard backpack but packing a punch is the HP Powerup Backpack. Unzip the carrier and users will be able to charge up to three devices simultaneously on the go including laptop, phones and any other modern device. The backpack comes with a removable 22400mAh battery as well as guide loops and rubber-lined slots for neat cable storage. It also comes with two microUSB cables and an HP laptop charging cable for convenience. A perfect accompaniment for their latest Spectre laptop.

Price: $200/BUY


#5 Wilson Connected Football

For fans of NFL who want to track their progress, Wilson have created a football stuffed with sensors which can track metrics such as ball velocity, distance thrown, spin rate, spiral efficiency and more. All of the data is collected and sent to an app for post-game analysis. Oddly the ball is good for 200,000 throws before the battery dies out and it becomes just a standard ball.

Price: $200/BUY

#6 Lego RC Defender

No one is ever too old for Lego. Especially if it’s a working R/C version of the iconic Land Rover Defender. Custom built by Lego maestro Sariel, the Defender 90 features full 4WD function even if it is slow and comes with a working winch, gnarly suspension and replica looks. It can be driven up to a range of 50 metres. It’s not for sale but it wouldn’t hurt could ask.

Price: $TBA/BUY


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