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Surfing The Polluted Tunnels & Dead Bodies Of The Ganges River

The Ganges is a 2,500km river system which flows through the regions of India and Bangladesh, providing a sustainable source of water to the four hundred million people who have set up home along its banks.

As the world’s third largest river, it is also one of the most polluted. Besides the sewerage which flows into the river from surrounding major cities, industrial waste and religious offerings wrapped in non-biodegradable plastics also get added to the stream. This maybe a deterrent for most not to set foot anywhere near the river, but spare a thought for the poorer inhabitants who have no choice but to rely on the water system for bathing, washing and cooking.

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And then there’s the case of the deceased. Poorer communities with deceased loved ones often can’t afford the expensive wood required to burn the bodies on land. So they send them down the river completely exposed whilst decomposing.

Enter The Bore Hunters: India, a new documentary by Bob Perez which looks at the brave men who have deemed themselves fit enough for a free trip to the hospital for surfing the polluted waters of the Ganges.

Watch on as Serginho Laus, Everaldo Teixeira and Masatoshi Ohno chase barrels in this unique river system whilst dodging dead bodies and swallowing water in a feature film will be released in October later this year.



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