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A Weapons Factory In Budapest Becomes A Stylish Dream Home

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Architects and interior designers dedicate their days to catering to clients’ whims, so on the rare occasions when they are their own customers, they go all out to create the most spectacular spaces they can dream up.

In the case of Attila F. Kovács and Zsuzsa Megyesi, the husband and wife team that make up A+Z Design Studio, that dream home is Loft 19. The four-story building in Budapest was once a weapons factory, but today serves a decidedly more warm and fuzzy purpose. Kovács and Megyesi restored and reconstructed the crumbling building over the course of two years and turned the entire tower-like structure into a handsome, unique home.

The first floor contains a large studio and showroom, as well as a guest suite. The second floor houses the bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. The third floor is the public space with a living and dining area, and an open kitchen. On the fourth floor, there’s a pool, sauna, gym, library, laundry, and roof terrace.


The Budapest home boasts an interesting mix of minimalism and bold statements. The living and dining spaces sport clean lines, sleek furniture, and plenty of open space. Nothing is cluttered. The colours are soothing. Stroll into the bedroom, however, and you’re greeted by daring colours and statements inspired by a mid-century boudoir. The bathroom also makes a strong impression, as do the wall and floors made from vibrant yellow tiles.

A little yin, a little yang, and in the end, this space has something stylish for everyone.


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