The 100 Best TV Shows Of All Time, According To Rolling Stone

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1 of 15|#15 The West Wing
2 of 15|#14 The Larry Sanders Show
3 of 15|#13 Late Night With David Letterman
4 of 15|#12 Game of Thrones
5 of 15|#11 Freaks and Geeks
6 of 15|#10 The Daily Show
7 of 15|#9 All in the Family
8 of 15|#8 Saturday Night Live
9 of 15|#7 The Twilight Zone
10 of 15|#6 The Simpsons
11 of 15|#5 Seinfeld
12 of 15|#4 Mad Men
13 of 15|#3 Breaking Bad
14 of 15|#2 The Wire
15 of 15|#1 The Sopranos

Critics say there’s never been a better time for television. Since The Sopranos hit screens at the turn of the century, the medium has entered a golden age of quality, creativity, and boundary-pushing. With so many incredible options available, could you pick the best TV shows of all time?

Rolling Stone did. The magazine tapped a stable of actors, writers, producers, critics, and showrunners to nominate their favourites. All shows from all eras were eligible, from black-and-white classics to binge-ready Netflix Originals. Official ratings were obsolete – all that mattered was quality.

Rolling Stone calls the list a compilation of “vintage classics and new favorites, ambitious psychodramas and stoner comedies, underrated cult gems ripe for rediscovery, cops and cartoons and vampire slayers.” Here you’ll find history’s most groundbreaking creations as well as today’s small screen innovators. Prepare your Netflix queue for an onslaught.

Above we count down the top 15 best TV shows of all time. View the full list here and share your thoughts – because we know you’ll have them – in the comments.


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