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Everything Goes Wrong In The Latest David Beckham & Kevin Hart Road Trip

We recently brought you guys the teaser for David Beckham and Kevin Hart’s odd couple adventure and now H&M have released the full short film to their Modern Essentials campaign.

What could possibly go wrong when you pair a sport and style icon like Beckham with the vertically challenged motor mouth of Kevin Hart? Everything. The premise of the film is simple with the pair embarking on a journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a tour bus to promote their latest venture, I, Beckham: The Musical.

Things obviously fall to pieces when they encounter the highway patrol, deadly snakes and an incident involving their bus going off a cliff in spectacular fashion. Beckham’s acting chops are on the up even though he’s still a bit stiff in the drama department. No doubt the humorous five minute clip is driven along by Hart’s erratic pace and energy which oddly makes for a good pairing of opposites.


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Speaking quite frankly about their latest collaboration, Hart said, “It’s great to have the opportunity once more to show the world what everyone really knows, that I am the true inspiration for David Beckham’s style. He copies everything from me.”

The latest campaign is directed by Frederik Bond who was the same guy responsible for H&M’s last two Beckham x Hart commercials featuring pieces from the Modern Essentials collection curated by David Beckham.


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