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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Without Special Effects Will Still Blow Your Mind

Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the most visually striking films of 2015 (and the 19th best of the century so far, according to the BBC). With all the hype around its epic explosions and desert demolition scenes, many were shocked to see the movie lose the Oscar for best visual effects to Ex Machina.

But here’s something they didn’t know: a mind-blowing amount of Fury Road wasn’t CGI.

A new YouTube video containing raw footage from the Namibia production shows what an astounding number of scenes were shot with practical effects on set. High-speed car chases? Real. Explosions? Real. Crashes? Real. Fire cannons, stunt driving, and those guys swinging around on poles? You know the answer.

Of course, action eye-candy of this calibre can’t all be created on set, so a bit of CGI and colour correction were added on top to fully realise George Miller’s vision. Still, it’s incredible how much is CGI-free and it gives us an even greater respect for the film’s achievements.

Besides, who wouldn’t enjoying watching frankencars flipping over in the desert? Check out the raw Fury Road footage above.



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