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The Future Of Music Festivals Could Be Held On Floating Stages

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Fixed floating stages are nothing new but a revised version built in Italy could pave the way for the future of music festivals held in the world’s most iconic harbour cities.

The city of Mantova has been crowned the 2016 Capital of Culture and to score this title, it features a floating platform which can allow citizens to get up and close to the action in more ways than one.

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The aquatic installation known as Arcipelago di Ocno is made up of multiple modular units which looks incredible from the sky but serves an even more important purpose on water. Patrons can walk around to different pods of varying sizes which are connected with the main stage. Seating is sparse but that’s the novelty of the design itself.

Space Caviar who designed the aquatic piazza modelled it off a lotus plant which can be widely found across Mantova’s lakes. Once the concert is over, the platform can be packed, relocated and reconfigured to suit the next event. Endless extensions are possible with the company looking to rollout bigger platforms in the coming years to host different performances, lectures and cultural events.

It also manages to solve the pesky issue of fence jumpers.

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