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Instagram Have Added The One Feature People Have Been Asking For

Social media perfectionists of the world rejoice. Instagram have finally added the much-needed draft option to their photo sharing app.

This means that when you’re half way through editing an epic selfie and you get distracted by a flying pig, you no longer need to pick up from scratch. Simply jump back into your drafts and the semi-edited image will be sitting in there saved and awaiting your final touches.

To use the new feature, select an image you want to Instagram as usual and go through the necessary filters. Hit the next button and add more details to it like location, caption and tags. Instead of hitting next, tap the black arrow going back instead.

The prompt box which used to warn you that going back will remove your edited image now has an extra ‘save draft’ option which users can select instead of discarding their hard work. Returning to the draft image later on is a simple case of opening Instagram and going into your media library where there’s a new ‘drafts’ category.

There’s a small catch though. Instagram will only save your draft photo if you’ve added a caption, a filter or tagged people in your image. So there you have it Insta freaks – your social media editing nightmares are no more.

The rollout has already begun for both iOS and Android.



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