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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [05.09.16]

It’s Monday and that means your productivity is at an all-time low. Let us compound that effect by hitting you with this week’s stories of pointless awesomeness.

From the science of making out to pets who ate their owners, Pointless and Awesome is the best way to procrastinate. We’d even recommend you cc the entire company on it. Trust us. It’ll be okay. Really.

#1 What Happens When You Make Out


Everyone kisses in their own freakish ways but have you ever wondered about the science behind the act of locking tongues? Of course you have. Read on to find out what’s going on in your body.

1. Kissing relieves stress: Studies have been conducted on a stress hormone called Cortisol, where researchers measured the level before and after a mad pash session. What they discovered in both men and women was that Cortisol levels dropped significantly after kissing. So the next time your boss is teeing off on you, ask if they’d like a kiss instead. On second thought, save that for the ride home. Yeah, definitely the latter.

2. Kissing releases love hormones: When going in for the kill, the love hormone known as Oxytocin is released from the body’s pituitary gland – the same chemical released when humans have sex. This chemical makes us feel sexually aroused and can make us feel a closer bond to a partner. That’s probably why people tend to get a rude shock when they wake up next to a random after a drunken night out making out.

3. Men pass testosterone in their saliva to activate women’s sex drives: According to a theory by Helen Fisher from Rutger’s University, men have testosterone present in their saliva. This saliva when passed onto a woman during kissing would activate a part of her brain which is associated with their sex drive. In other words, the wetter the kiss, the more likely it is there’ll be action. Right.

4. Face muscles get a free workout: Kissing involves about 30 muscles in your face depending on your style and doing this over a lengthy duration can give it a good workout. This tightening can prevent the face from drooping whilst burning 6.4 calories per minute. So stay young and fit by kissing.

5. The way you tilt your head is learnt in the womb: Sorry player, that head tilt isn’t a sign of your sick moves. Head orientation whilst kissing is believed to be developed in the womb where your head and hands used to be positioned.

[via Sparkle Science]

#2 Most Suitable Age To Get Married To Avoid Divorce


The scientific numbers are in and it’s purported that people should be getting hitched between the ages of 28 and 32 if they don’t want to get divorced in the first five years of their union. This audacious study was conducted by sociologist Nick Wolfinger of the University of Utah as well as being published by the pro-marriage Institute of Family Studies. Get working (or crying) men.

[via TIME]

#3 Times Where A Pet Ate Their Owner


Cats: Don’t be fooled by their playful demeanour. Back in 2010 a dozen cats were found and removed from a home in northwestern Pennsylvania when coroners found that they were gnawing at the foot of a dead 74-year-old man and his equally dead 94-year-old mother. The cause of death was apparently dehydration after the son suffered a heart attack. Left without food or a way outside, the cat’s eventually began feeding off their owners in an act of primal instinct.

Pugs: Pugs can be deadly cute. And just plain deadly. In 2009 a pair of pugs from Nebraska began feeding off their deceased owner after he shot himself. The dogs were eventually found alive and well and put up for adoption. A Humane Society spokesman said it was unlikely that the animals would suffer any lasting psychological effects as “they don’t have memories like people”.

Reptiles and insects: Loner Voegel of Germany had his own collection of reptiles in 2007. This included more than 200 snakes, geckos and insects all contained within a small Dortmund apartment. Voegel eventually met his maker in the form of a black widow bite. The insects made their way out and began feeding on the man, with Britain’s The Sun reporting via witnesses that, “it was like a horror movie”. “They found the man’s corpse on the sofa with large chunks of flesh missing. Giant webs draped him, spiders were all over him. They were coming out of his nose and mouth,” added police.

[via The Week]

#4 Age That A Man’s Sperm Count Starts To Drop


Brace yourselves, men. You have a biological clock. And that clock starts to tick at the age of 30. Sperm count begins its decline at this age with testosterone levels also dropping about one percent every year after the age of 30. As men age, their sperm cells also divide, causing a greater chance for genetic abnormalities which can cause autism or other health issues in children.

[via Parents]

#5 Most Amount Of Pull-Ups Ever


An Australian iron man named Caine Eckstein last month broke the record for the most pull-ups completed over a 24-hour duration. The 30-year-old pumped 7,620 pull-ups to trump his closest competitor who recently put down 7,306. Eckstein says that this is it for his pull-up competing days, telling the ABC that he wasn’t going to attempt it again in future. “I’m just really really sore,” he said.


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