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James Corden Is the New Coach Of Arsenal F.C.

Thankfully it’ll just be for a day to mark real coach Arsene Wenger’s 20th anniversary in the top role at this famous North London football club.

The skit by the talk show host James Corden starts off innocently enough with a handover of Wenger’s managerial to Corden before he launches into some pep talk on the team bus. Given it’s Corden who has a penchant for singing to everything, things quickly spiral out of control when he commissions a cringeworthy sing-along on the bus.

Things don’t get any better with Corden parting his expert tutelage onto the nervous players in the form of weird routines that involve curling up into a ball on the field. Things get even weirder when Corden interviews the team’s English stars Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlaine via a Q&A session which should probably be illegal.

The final straw for Coach Corden arrives when he steps out as a goalkeeper wearing the colours of the team’s arch rivals over at West Ham.

Given the man managed to sell his Carpool Karaoke skit for an undisclosed amount (which usually means a lot), he might find it a bit harder to sell this new gig of his. Watch how it all goes down above.

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