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Fingers Crossed This Insane Real-Life Transformer Is Not A Hoax

No matter how old you get, there’s at least one childhood dream you cling to: that one day, you will own a BMW that can transform into an alien robotic being.

Enter Letvision, a Turkish company that isn’t delivering aliens, but may indeed be delivering a real-life Transformer. Details are fuzzy on exactly what Letvision does. The website describes it as “a startup and R&D company” that is “the creator of innovative and new products.” From there it gets even more opaque:

“Letvision is aiming sensitive and infinite touch experience especially association and foundations who wants to differentiate from their competitors according to their requests.”


It’s a head-scratcher, but you know what they say about actions speaking louder than words, and the video above practically screams. Yes, that’s an actual BMW morphing into a Michael Bay-worthy machine.

The prototype is called Letrons and appears to be operated via a remote control. Letvision says the idea came about during a brainstorming session for “a unique and futuristic project.” We say, “Nailed it.”

The first model, Antimon, took 8 months to complete. A team of 12 engineers and 4 supporting technicians worked on the project, which was developed and constructed in Turkey. It’s an actual car, although it can’t be driven on the street, and walking functionality hasn’t been added to its post-transformation alter ego. It’s capable of moving its arms, hands, and fingers in robot form, along with its head and neck. It can also generate fog, lighting, and sound effects to set the mood.

As for what you really want to know… these incredible mechano-beasts allegedly are for sale, though there’s no mention of a price anywhere on the website. It’s hard to imagine there’s much of a market for such a unique creation, but there’s gotta be a billionaire somewhere who’s run out of new toys to buy.

Then again, maybe it isn’t even real. Some news outlets, like Gizmodo, have questioned whether Letrons is a hoax. Here’s hoping its not. One of these would look mighty fine with a bow on top come holiday season.


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