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Masha Shakurova by Alessandro Casagrande [NSFW]

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You may not know Masha Shakurova by name, but you might be familiar with her face. The Russian model has appeared in a variety of campaigns and publications over the last few years, and amassed a sizable Instagram following in the process.

Shakurova also has a knack for portraits, as she makes clear in these images captured by Alessandro Casagrande. Casagrande is an Italian artist and photographer who got his start freelancing in Milan. His work soon caught the eyes of high-end fashion magazines and brands, and before long, his discerning gaze earned him access to the editorial world.

Casagrande’s photographs focus on the female form, and his back catalogue celebrates a medley of muses and models in all their NSFW glory. Fans can find more of his work on Instagram or in his new book, Dentro. Ms. Shakurova’s Instagram can be found here.


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