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Odd New Words That Have Been Added To The Oxford Dictionary

In a case of what appears to be zero f*cks given, the Oxford Dictionary have officially welcomed seven new colloquial words to the English language.

Some will no doubt be mortified whilst others will simply be like, “meh, YOLO!” If you’re the latter party, you’ll be glad to hear that ‘YOLO’ is actually one of the words that have been included. That’s right, Mr. You Only Live Once, adventurous acronym guy you.

The term YOLO originated from where most slang came from and refers to one taking a leap of faith without being too phased with future consequences, hence justifying one’s impulsive or reckless behaviour.

Joining YOLO in the new Oxford Dictionary will also be…wait for it…’Clickbait’, ‘Biatch’, ‘Squee’, ‘Jack-Off’, ‘Moobs’ (as in, man boobs) and ‘Butt-f*ck’. The news from the official press release of Oxford English Dictionary seems legitimate, with OED’s Senior Assistant Editor Jonathan Dent explaining of the word ‘Biatch’ as “one of many variant spellings of biatch is first recorded in lyrics by hip-hop artist Too Short from 1986.”

YOLO meanwhile has been traced back to French novelist Balzac, who Dent believes was “first used in a nineteenth-century English translation of Balzac’s French ‘on ne vit qu’un fois’ in his Le Cousin Pons.”

So there you have it. The seven new insane words added to the Oxford Dictionary.

  1. YOLO
  2. Squee
  3. Gender-fluid
  4. Jagoff
  5. Biatch
  6. Clickbait
  7. Moobs

[via Good]



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