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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [12.09.16]

Forget that hefty report you need to get in by the day’s end. Mondays are made for randomly awesome facts that you never needed to know and we’ve got the goods for you right here.

From Japanese mummies to the world’s most unhealthiest lunches, Pointless and Awesome is your most stylish way to procrastinate. We’d even recommend you CC’d the entire company on it. Trust us. It’ll be okay. You’ll totally be promoted.

#1 The World’s Unhealthiest Lunches


Enjoying your rabbit food there? Wait until you get a load of this. America no doubt has some of the world’s worst dishes on offer when it comes to calories per sitting so it’s little wonder they’re awesome at making the most delicious food that could also kill you in one sitting.

At the top of the fatty food chain? A humble shrimp dish from America’s Red Lobster. The pick-your-own-style dish comes with three individual shrimp dishes in itself, the Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp, Walt’s Favourite Shrimp and Shrimp Linguine Alfredo. But wait, there’s more. The included sides are caesar salad, chips, and a cheddar biscuit helping to bring the total calorie count to 2,710 in just one sitting. feeling thirsty? Throw in their signature Lobsterita margarita at 890 calories and you have a grand total of 3,600 calories.

To put things into perspective, that’s equivalent to an 8-piece KFC bucket with four servings of potato and gravy and four pieces of buttered corn.

Honourable mentions also go to:

Steak ‘n Shake: 7×7 Steakburger ‘n Fries with a chocolate fudge brownie milkshake – 2,530 calories
The Cheesecake Factory: Fried Chicken & Waffles Benedict – 2,580 calories
Applebee’s: Build Your Sampler – 3,390 calories

*The average recommended daily calorie intake for a male adult = 2,500 calories

#2 How Much Money The World’s Richest People Make Per Second


Looking at your bank account and feeling sad? Wait a minute. We have something nice to tell you guys.

Bill Gates
Net Worth: US$72 Billion
Earns US$114.16/second

Mark Zuckerberg
Net Worth: US$54.7 Billion
Earns US$46.30/second

Warren Buffett
Net Worth: US$65.9 Billion
Earns US$426.60/second

#3 How Japan Entombed Their Mummies


Touring the self-mummified monks of Japan doesn’t exactly sound like anyone’s cup of tea, but wait until you hear the story behind it.

There are currently around twenty eight sokushinbutsu (self-mummified monks) across northern Japan. The morbid act of self sacrifice follows an ancient form of Buddhism called Shugendō where self denial is the holy motive. Priests would embark on a diet of nuts and seeds for three years whilst taking on strenuous physical activities to rid the body of of any fat.

After this phase they would eat bark and roots for the next three years before drinking a poisonous tea taken from the sap of the Urushi tree. This sap is commonly used to to lacquer bowls but in the human body, it causes vomiting and a rapid loss of bodily fluids whilst killing off any maggots that would eventually cause the body to decay after death.

The eventual cause of death is even more gruesome. The monk would lock himself in a stone tomb the size of his body in the seated lotus position. His only form of connection to the outside world would be an air tube and bell. The bell was rung once a day to indicate to others that he was still alive.

When the bell ceased to ring, the air tube would be removed and the tomb sealed. You can visit the most famous monk, Shinnyokai Shonin, of the Dainichi-Boo Temple on the holy Mount Yudono.

#4 Why You Shiver When You Urinate


No you’re not possessed. The shiver down your spine whilst you’re urinating is a result of the body’s protective mechanism creating a shiver to bring warmth back into the body. It’s essentially the same shiver when you’re cold and your body is telling you to generate more heat back into the body.

#5 Natural Foods That Get You High


Forget Amsterdam. You can eat these foods and get high in the comfort of your office cubicle (legally). Colleagues and bosses can even join in without worrying about harsh repercussions from HR. The result? A much happier you and fuller bellies.

  1. Rye Bread: Only Rye Bread that has gone slightly mouldy is the good stuff. The science behind it is that once the common grain fungi known as ergot starts growing, so does a chemical called ergotamine. Erotamine is often used for lysergic acid (not the LSD itself, but a compound used). In other words, best you not eat it unless you want to grind the water cooler by 3pm.
  2. Fish: Not all fish can get humans high. One specific species called Salema or sarpa salpa) found off the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean has a freaky little secret – it’s head. Eating this fish’s head which contains psychoactive chemicals that will have you seeing weird shit.
  3. Poppy seed bagels: This naughty little snack has a secret. Apparently poppy seeds will often cause you to fail a drug test as they naturally contain opium alkaloids, morphine, and codeine. The high is argued to come from a 40g dose of poppy seeds which equates to a regular dose of morphine. The amount of bagels you’d need to eat however probably wouldn’t get the job done.


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