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There’s An Exclusive ‘Illuminati Tinder’ That’s Only For Famous People

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The first rule of Raya is: you do not talk about Raya. The second rule of Raya is… you know how this goes.

While the masses happily swipe away on Tinder, or slum it on one of the app’s many imitators, an elite clan of celebrities, artists, internet stars, and super hot singles are mingling on a secret app all their own. Raya has been dubbed ‘the Illuminati Tinder’ by the media, and so far, relatively little is known about the enigmatic app.

What we do know is that Raya calls itself “an exclusive platform for people in creative industries.” Prospective members must apply to join and be accepted by “an anonymous global committee” comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds, locations, and industries. There allegedly isn’t a specific set of criteria that must be met, but a strong Instagram following is pretty much a must. It’s also rare-to-impossible for an applicant to be accepted if they weren’t referred by a current member.

Those who make the cut create a photo montage and set it to music (yes, you will be judged on the song you choose). The interface is minimal with slight retro leanings. Users cannot engage with each other unless they mutually match. If you dare attempt to screenshot a profile, you will receive an alert threatening to oust you from the app.

But let’s get to what you really want to know: who might you meet if you manage to score the magical, mythical Raya acceptance email?

The app’s membership reportedly includes Cara Delevingne, Ruby Rose, Phoebe Dahl, Diplo, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Avicii, Bonnie Wright, Alexander Wang, Flume, Moby, Trevor Noah, Elijah Wood, and Kelly Osbourne. There’s also plenty of C-list Hollywood types, models thirsting after Insta-fame, wannabe artists-photographers-marketers-whatevers, and a generous scoop of random wealthy assholes and social climbers.

If that sounds like your bag, check out the app here. Though you may have already ruined your chances just by reading this.




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