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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #97

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1 of 6|Lexus Kinetic Seat
2 of 6|Cinebody S6
3 of 6|GoPro Karma Drone
4 of 6| Louis Vuitton x Marc Newson Rolling Luggage
5 of 6|Night Shift Electric Motorcycles
6 of 6|Ralph Lauren Polo Bar Mixologist Box

Technology may one day wipe out humans but until then you should absolutely be naive and let it run your life. Trust us, it’s good for you. Here are this week’s hottest gadgets and objects of manly affection guaranteed to burn a hole in your stolen credit card.

#1 Lexus Kinetic Seat

You don’t know cool office furniture until you’ve sat in Lexus’ quirky spider-web office chair. Due to debut at the Paris Motor Show, the Lexus Kinetic Seat concept uses a strong and flexible material called QMONOS (a synthetic spider silk made of protein which is spun like the real thing) as its back support which supposedly wraps itself around a load to provide unprecedented levels of head and back support. It’s also slimmer and lighter than any other car seat, making it ideal for future performance cars. Someone buy one and attach roller wheels to it already.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#2 Cinebody S6

For those not blown away by the iPhone’s amateur shooting capabilities, there is a reprieve. The Cinebody iPhone Super8 case mimics the professional handycams of yesteryear with the added functionality of a built-in microphone, REC trigger, an attachment mounting accessories and interchangeable 58mm lens which gives an array of shooting options to toy around with. An app which also comes with the case allows users to control exposure, frame rate, and focus ensuring for a true home cinema experience in a smartphone.

Price: $200/BUY

#3 GoPro Karma Drone

GoPro have finally released their long-awaited camera drone known as Karma. Typical of GoPro, the video hardware will capture smooth video in full HD and has the added benefit of being able to be packed and stowed away in a backpack quite efficiently. The drone will work with both GoPro 4 and GoPro 5 model cameras and also features a detachable stabilizer grip for those wanting to capture ground level shots. A game-style controller makes for easy flight control with its integrated touchscreen. Karma will come in two models and officially be released on the 23rd of October.

Price: From $1,195.95 /BUY

#4 Louis Vuitton x Marc Newson Rolling Luggage

Roll the airport aisles in style with designer Marc Newson’s take on the classic Louis Vuitton luggage. The collaboration sees the luggage ditching the traditional boxy shape of LV’s original design for something a bit more modern without sacrificing the iconic branding. The suitcases feature rounded corners, a lightweight construction, mesh-lined interiors and smooth rolling wheels. There’s also a hidden TSA approved lock hidden amongst the leather and aluminium finishing. The cases are available in various sizes and designs to suit any globetrotter.

Price: +$2,700/BUY

#5 Night Shift Electric Motorcycles

This is no normal electric bike. Might Shift have borrowed the skeleton of an internal combustion motorcycle before stripping it bare to be fitted with more greener technology. Not to mention it also looks pretty damn cool. The first model out of the factory is the Rebel which takes a modified 1987 Honda Rebel 250 and crams in an electric golf cart powertrain. Their second build, aptly named Leafy Savage, takes a more advanced approach with a battery pack borrowed from a Nissan Leaf and a 40hp electric motor by Enertrac. Both of these are sandwiched within a 2003 Suzuki Savage to ensure you can kick dirt and stay clean.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#6 Ralph Lauren Polo Bar Mixologist Box

Don’t just be any regular mixer. Stand out from the Joneses with your very own mixologist box inspired by the famous Polo Bar on the corner of New York’s 5th Ave and 55th St. Helping to bring this extravagant creation to life is Ralph Lauren who have thrown in a hand cut crystal decanter, four double old-fashioned glasses, a silver plated brass jigger, stirrers, bottle opener coasters and, one mustn’t forget, a nut bowl. The box comes wrapped in luxurious saddle leather and is finished with a Wexford plaid wool lining borrowed from the aforementioned restaurant alongside a leather book detailing the finest drinks recipes.

Price: $3,995/BUY




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