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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #98

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1 of 6|Eleven Ravens Avettore Ping Pong Table
2 of 6|SanDisk 1TB SD Card
3 of 6|Maserati Hearse
4 of 6|Rapha Helmet
5 of 6|Parrot Disco Drone
6 of 6|Leica Sofort Instant Camera

Feeling techy, punk? Of course you are. From a modern art ping pong table to a Maserati funeral car,  it’s that time of week again where we hit you with the world’s best tech and objects of manly affection destined to send you bankrupt.

#1 Eleven Ravens Avettore Ping Pong Table

We don’t do table tennis by halves here and neither do the craftspeople over at Eleven Ravens. The crew behind this stunning piece of kit have taken a piece of modern art before converting it into a proper gaming table. What you see before you is the Eleven Ravens Avettore Ping Pong Table,  a futuristic centrepiece fit for any contemporary entertainment room. Interested players and ballers can choose their table in a range of colours including lime, orange, black or the pictured lucite-leather combo. The table also comes with semi-hidden drawers to stow away paddles, balls and its slick black net.

Price: $TBC/BUY


#2 SanDisk 1TB SD Card

The only thing stopping professional photographers from going on a snapping spree in the past was the size of their memory cards. SanDisk have finally changed the game with their latest memory card which blows things out to a massive 1TB. This massive milestone is the first time in history that the relaible SDXC card has reached 1TB and will provide an everlasting amount of space for even the highest-resolution snaps. The card isn’t limited just to photography of course. Following in the proliferation of 4K hardware, VR video and more, the 1TB card from SanDisk will push the boundaries for what was once impossible in information storage. No release date has been announced yet but we’ll keep an eye out for you.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#3 Maserati G3.0 Hearse

From whence we came, we shall once again fall. More specifically, if you’re going to kick the bucket, do it in absolute style and class. The Maserati Hearse is a custom-modified Ghibli destined for transporting the dead to their final resting place. It might seem morbid at first but from a design standpoint it’s actually very well thought out with ample space in the rear with its raised roofline not conflicting with the original lines of the car. The car itself is almost 7-metres long and is powered by a 3.0-litre diesel V6 designed for heavy lifting. Think of it as the Reaper’s personal roller, a future Ghostbusters vehicle or dare we say, a party bus supplement.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#4 Rapha Cycling Helmet

Not all helmets are created equal and Rapha’s latest crash helmet wants to prove this. The reputable cycling kit brand renowned for serving up quality gear to seasoned riders have presented their first ever helmet designed with the help of Giro. The structure features a multi-angle impact protection system which complements the design quite nicely. The helmet is secured onto a rider’s head using a Roc Loc Air fit system which ensures optimal fit and sufficient air extraction.

#5 Parrot Disco Drone

Camera drones are a dime a dozen these days so to change things up Parrot have created a fixed wing drone which aims to provide a fully immersive experience to beginner flyers. Because of the winged design, Parrot’s Disco drone can reach speeds of 80km/h with a lengthy flight time of 45 minutes. The frame itself is pretty sturdy too with a carbon fibre tubes mated to a Polypropylene body. The plane also takes off and lands automatically with an autopilot function. Speaking of autopilot, users can live stream the video footage onboard onto a pair of Parrot Cockpit glasses which is fancy speak for VR glasses. A 32GB card should be more than enough to capture all the footage long after the battery has died.

Price: $2,399/BUY

#6 Leica Sofort Instant Camera

Leica has long been the name renowned for its professional cameras and lenses. Today that brand is moving into a bold new territory with their first ever instant camera. The Leica Sofort Instant Camera merges conveniences like built-in print with the iconic fit and finish of the traditional Leica units. Users can toy with the manual features such as focus, flash and EV whilst the unit also boasts handy shooting modes including macro, bulb, people, sports and yes, selfie. The cameras come in a trio of funky colours including mint, orange and white.


Price: $399/BUY


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