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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #95

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3 of 6|Full Scale Lego Mustang
4 of 6|Karl Lagerfeld x Faber-Castell
5 of 6|Sony NW-WM1Z Walkman
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When pay day comes around a man can do one of two things: Be responsible and save for a house or be awesome and ride the Batpod down the street. We know which one we’d want to be. This is your week’s craziest gadgets, tech and objects of manly affection.

#1 Batman’s Batpod

You read right. Batman’s actual motorcycle from the Dark Knight is heading to auction and you could be the one with this tank between your legs. The bike was designed by the film’s production designer, Nathan Crowley and is only one of six vehicles built for the film. The custom made chassis houses a Honda 750 engine, Hoosier racing tyres and unfortunately, fake canons up front. Shooting slow cyclers you cannot. The sale comes with a Warner Bros. certificate of authenticity. To have it working the fluids, battery, fuel tank and throttle lines will need to be reinstalled.

Price: $80,000/BUY


#2 Rev Houseboat

Live your dreams on the water with the latest floating palatial home from Rev Houseboat. The penthouse on water can be customised to every home owner’s liking and includes fireplaces, underwater lighting and the usual fair of hot tubs and saunas. For the greenies, the home can be fitted with solar panels and water filters whilst sewerage is kept isolated from the lakes and marinas. There’s even a rooftop terrace where the captain can entertain his guests or just drive golf balls into the water.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#3 Full Scale Lego Mustang

Two of your childhood dreams have come together in the form of the Lego Mustang in full 1:1 scale. The builders from Lego Land in Florida Resort completed the build which was based off the original 1964 Ford Mustang. They did cheat slightly with an aluminium chassis but rest assured the rest is plastic. Now someone make Eleanor.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#4 Karl Lagerfeld x Faber-Castell Drawing Set

In one of the most unconventional pairings we’ve seen this year, stationery maker Faber-Castell have teamed up with fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld to release this very limited set of coloured drawing pencils. The set is hand-curated by Lagerfeld and includes 350 specific drawing and painting tools. This also includes the complete range of 120 shades from Lagerfeld’s favourite Albrecht Dürer water-soluble color pencils. Storing these special tools is a slick black box designed by Lagerfeld with five drawers featuring labels in English, French and German. There will only be 2,500 sets released worldwide.

Price: $2,850/BUY

#5 Sony Premium NW-WM1Z Walkman

Sony is refusing to let their Walkman name die and have instead ditched consumer players for the mother of all high-definition personal audio devices. If the price of the NW-WM1Z isn’t enough to scare you, perhaps the thick gold-plated housing featuring an oxygen-free copper chassis (for reduced interference) and high quality Quad DSD playback via a dual clock circuit will. The bad news? You’ll need a matching set of headphones in the same price bracket to get the most out of it too. Torrent quality MP3s – don’t bother.

Price: $3,200/BUY


#6 HP Pavilion Wave Desktop

Computers and ‘sexy’ don’t normally go together but HP are attempting to change that, first with their Spectre and now with their latest Wave Desktop PC. The coolest thing about this unit is that it looks nothing like a PC. It’s smaller in footprint and sports a svelte triangular prism shape. It’s not all looks though. Inside the unit is a powerful graphics card, a full SSD and a built-in thermal system. The money shot is of course a built in Bang & Olufsen Play system which sends the good noise at all 360 degrees. It also supports full 4K displays.

Price: $600/BUY


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