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‘The Simpsons’ Rock The Century’s Hottest Streetwear & Sneakers

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What is it about The Simpsons and streetwear? Though animation’s most famous yellow family and fashion’s edgiest urban styles don’t seem like an obvious match, artists are obsessed with pairing them together.

The latest to do so is Olga Wójcik, a graphic designer who goes by @machonis on Instagram. Her feed is filled with images of Bart, Homer, Milhouse, Mr. Burns, and Krusty rocking the hottest streetwear brands of the century. The girls also get in on the action – Lisa sports a serious collection of Yeezy Boosts, and even little Maggie models BAPE like a pro.

When not illustrating Bart and co, Wójcik gives a variety of other cartoon favourites a fresh sense of style. Characters from Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon make appearances on her Instagram page, along with Ninja Turtles and the Scooby-Doo gang. Even Bugs Bunny shows up, rocking an eye-catching collab between Nike and Supreme.


Check out some of her work above and the rest on Instagram. And for more Simpsons-doing-streetwear, continue this way…

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  • Anthony Mawer

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