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8 Crazy Things You Can Only Do In South Africa

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1 of 8|Big Rush Rope Swing|They don't call this ride the 'Big Rush' for nothing. Perched 87 metres above a soccer stadium in Durban is this wild ride which claims the title of the world's tallest rope swing. Man or mouse? Head over to South Africa to find out.
2 of 8|Scuba Diving With Great Whites|No human should ever be this close to a white pointer smiling back at them in the face. In South Africa, you can do exactly that through cage diving sessions held off the coast of Cape Town. For those who have even more balls of steel, there's a dive-without-a-cage program amongst tiger and bull sharks. Apparently it's safe.
3 of 8|Climb Tablecloth Mountain|Tablecloth Mountain is a grand monument in nature's history. It is one of Cape Town's most revered natural attractions and features a flat bed of sandstone which rises 1,066 metres above ground level. On overcast days, clouds can be seen rolling over the edge in spectacular fashion. With over 350 mapped hiking paths to reach the summit, Tablecloth mountain makes for one hell of an adventure hike into the clouds. Literally.
4 of 8|Kayaking Through Crocodiles & Wildlife|You've seen a croc in the reptile park? That's cute. Take on a man's safari tour by doing it in a kayak amongst the elements. Flanked by a professional guide, kayaking safari tours can expose you to all sorts of animals from wild birds to elephants to fully grown crocs. The craziest part? If you capsize, you can get up close and personal with a pissed off hippo.
5 of 8|Visit A Witch Doctor|There are countless witch doctors and fortune tellers from across South Africa but only a handful have the fortune telling reputation of a local Sangoma medicine woman. Her claim to fame? She can communicate with ancestral spirits of the dead to help steer you on the right path again.
6 of 8|Drink At The Highest Pub In South Africa|The Sani Pass is not for the faint hearted. Perched proudly at 2,874 metres above the ground, it holds the record as the world's highest drinking hole. Drinking is just the easy part though. Making it down after you've had a few too many can be life threatening via the notorious route which links KwaZulu-Natal with the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho - you can barely call it a road and only 4WD vehicles can make it through. No Uber ride home for you.
7 of 8|Crystal Pools Cliff Jumping|Rope swings are one thing but jumping off cliffs without a harness reaches a whole new levels of insanity. Especially if that cliff is the daunting Crystal Pools, a beautiful sight to behold if you manage not to crack your head open on the way down. At just 40 minutes out of Cape Town in the Boland Mountain complex, adrenalin junkies hike a further hour to reach the two pools. The 'easier' one is 15 metres high whilst the second one is the big one which is higher and more dangerous. Prepare those shins pads.
8 of 8|Glowing Plankton Of Kogel Bay Beach|To end things nicely in South Africa, opt for a nice walk along the beach of Kogel Bay with your significant other (or imaginary girlfriend). On a clear night, the plankton along with phosphorus will light up the water when disturbed by feet trudging through. It's truly a sight to behold as the water lights up blue beneath you. Just remember not to venture too far into the waves at night as the rips can get you. Or the hungry bull sharks.

There’s more to South Africa than just hitting up wildlife parks with a busload of balding, retired foreigners and their mistresses.

This country is one of the world’s most vibrant, boasting a plethora of local fauna that could easily rip your face off along with some of the most idyllic natural scenery ever known to man.

Suspended on the world’s biggest rope swing? You can do that in South Africa. Downing a pint in the world’s highest pub? Yep, that’s South Africa too. Visiting local witch doctors for a regular fortune check and hunting down glowing plankton? You get the drift.


Of course South Africa does have some precautionary measures just as any other country does, so it’s important to note that when we say ‘crazy’, we don’t mean venturing into the darkest alleyway you can find to hunt Pokemon.

As much as it is a beautiful country filled with amazing people, it can also be dangerous for unweary tourists. Follow the rules and you shall live another day to experience the once-in-a-lifetime spoils of burgeoning country.

These are the eight craziest things to do in South Africa.

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