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Great Escape: The Best Travel Instagrams Of The Week [26.10.16]

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1 of 20|Castle Valley, Utah, USA| - VIEW
2 of 20|Bali, Indonesia| - VIEW
3 of 20|Macao| - VIEW
4 of 20|East Iceland| - VIEW
5 of 20|Sahara, Morocco| - VIEW
6 of 20|Oahu, Hawaii, USA| - VIEW
7 of 20|Portofino, Italy| - VIEW
8 of 20|Doha, Qatar| | By @kyobad - VIEW
9 of 20|Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA| | By @jess.wandering. - VIEW
10 of 20|Arrowtown, New Zealand| - VIEW
11 of 20|View on Cerro Torre, Patagonia, Argentina| - VIEW
12 of 20|Les Espaces d’Abraxas, Noisy-le-Grand, France| | By @instabruijn - VIEW
13 of 20|Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland| | By @gocollette - VIEW
14 of 20|Himalayas, Nepal| | By @curtiswoodman - VIEW
15 of 20|Maldives| - VIEW
16 of 20|Ella, Sri Lanka| | By @mylifesatravelmovie - VIEW
17 of 20|Castle Valley, Utah, USA| - VIEW
18 of 20|Antalya, Turkey| | By @sert_mehmet - VIEW
19 of 20|The Dolomites, Italy| | By @coberschneider - VIEW
20 of 20|Angels Landing, Zion National Park, Utah, USA| - VIEW

Can’t escape the rat race as often as you’d like? We feel your pain, and we’re here with the best pain reliever that money can’t buy: the wealth of inspiring travel Instagrams that jetsetting photographers share with their followers. It’s the closest you can get to a plane ticket without dropping a single dollar.

So, since money is no object, where would you like to go today?

If you’re Théo Sanson, the answer is Castle Valley, Utah. The daring French slackliner walked nearly 500 metres on a line rigged from The Rectory to Castleton Tower – likely setting a new world record in the process.

If you’re Christoph Oberschneider, it’s a daredevil pursuit of a different kind. The photographer, freeride skier, and outdoor enthusiast took on Italy‘s Dolomites on a mountain bike, earning him a ‘Photo of the Day’ shoutout from GoPro.

If you’re Alyssa Ramos, the order of the day is a train ride through Sri Lanka. The travel blogger found herself scoring one of the best seats in the house – the doorway of economy – for just US$1.50.

If you’re Travis Burke, the adventure calling your name is a moment of solitude on Angels Landing in Zion National Park. “We reached the summit under the pink glow of sunset, laid there as the universe slowly appeared before our eyes, then watched the moon rise over the mountains as we began our hike down using headlamps to avoid the 1,500ft (457m) sheer cliffs on either side of us,” he says. “As we drove out of the park, the roads were desolate. We passed signs saying that all of the campgrounds and hotels were completely full and I couldn’t help but think of all of the people that were inside, missing out on my favorite time of day.”

His advice? “Get out there!’

We couldn’t agree more. Get some inspiration for your bucket list in the gallery above.


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