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BMW’s Motorrad Vision Next 100 Concept Could Change The Motorcycle Game

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The Vision Next 100 program has already forecasted the next 100 years of brands such as Rolls-Royce. Today that design program is taking its scalpel to the Bavarian badge on two wheels.

Say hello to the BMW Motorrad, a self-balancing, zero emissions motorcycle destined for riders of the future. The conceptual motorcycle looks like something straight out of TRON and bears similar design cues to the futuristic Lotus cafe racer. Of course being backed by an innovative carmaker like BMW also helps the Motorrad achieve the impossible, with an active self-balancing system making it impossible for the bike to tip over.

It works by utilising a pivoting V-styled frame which bends accordingly to steering inputs and cornering loads to provide the most ideal entry/exit corner speed. As such, the wheels can also act as the suspension to offer an seamless riding experience.


Given these new safety measures alongside the self-balancing system, the bike theoretically won’t require riders to wear a helmet. They do however get a cool suit and goggles which can regulate body temperatures and determine the fastest line to take via computer wizardry.

It’s just a pipe dream for now but at least it’s a pretty damn good looking one which sets the precedence for tomorrow’s riders.


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