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This New Sneaker Costs The Same As A Luxury Car

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Glimpsed out of the corner of an eye, the new Buscemi 100mm Diamond Sneaker might look like just another white shoe.

But then something else catches that eye. A glimmer of light. A flicker of colour. Could it be? Are those… diamonds?

Yes gentlemen, Buscemi‘s latest limited edition drop doesn’t just feature the brand’s trademark 18-karat gold detailing – it’s also dressed up in 11.5 carats of diamonds.


The 100mm Diamond takes its shape from the coveted 100mm, which typically retails for US$890 (AU$1162). The sneaker’s tumbled white leather upper is a luxurious but aesthetically simple base for the real star of the show: the ultra-extravagant materials of the signature lock and hardware. It reportedly takes more than 20 hours to make a pair of these bad boys.

Which brings us to the price tag. A limited edition shoe, plus premium materials, plus a labour-intensive production process is an equation that could only end in $$$$. The 100mm Diamond will set you back a whopping US$132,000 (AU$172,346). And because it’s only available in-store at the brand’s new flagship in New York City, you may have to tack the price of a plane ticket onto that. Buscemi’s publicists say it is officially the most expensive sneaker in circulation at the moment.

But hey, style is priceless, right? (Gulp.)

  • Dattebayo

    well if you have money to afford the sneaker you should have money to afford a plane ticket as well.


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