Suit Styles Guaranteed To Dominate This Spring Racing Carnival

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The following article has been sponsored by Calibre

The approach of this year’s Spring Racing Carnival has men across the country scrambling for something to wear. Well over a century of tradition dictates that style is a key focus of race day (much to the chagrin of the horses, who must feel a tad upstaged).

A successful Spring Racing Season starts with preparation. Gentlemen are required to adhere to certain sartorial rules, especially if entry to the Members’ Enclosure is on the agenda. A full suit is traditional, though separates are an emerging trend. Be sure to have a sports coat or blazer on hand, as some areas require a jacket to be worn at all times. A tie or bow tie is essential, along with a collared shirt. Dress shoes are a must and must be worn with socks. Casual outerwear, torn clothing, denim, and fluoro suits are strictly forbidden.

Once you’re fully briefed on race day dress codes, including the official flowers, you’re ready to assemble your wardrobe for the season. The crack team at Calibre are here to help. As a proudly Australian label, they’re a fitting choice for a uniquely Australian event.

We’ve teamed up with the experts at Calibre to ensure you look your sharpest on race day, no matter which day you choose.

For Melbourne Cup Day: The Classic Suit


A navy pinstripe is style-conscious but not overbearing

They don’t call it ‘the race that stops the nation’ for nothing. Melbourne Cup Day draws both enormous crowds and enormous wealth, so it’s the perfect time to flaunt your classically handsome style. A darker colour palette is your friend, paired with time-honoured textures and prints. A navy pinstripe is style-conscious but not overbearing. Alternatively, try Calibre’s Henry Quad Check for a look that maintains a classic feel while offering an extra dose of flair. Slip your feet into the Fringe Lace Ups and top the look off with the New York Daisy Flower Pin in lieu of the standard yellow rose.

For Derby Day: The Modern Suit


Shine in black and white

The on-trend, ultra-social crowd appear in droves for Derby Day. The event embraces subtle elegance with a dress code of black and white, though shades of grey have crept into rotation in recent years. With the colour palette kept simple, Derby Day is an opportunity to experiment with your style in other ways. Try a more modern cut and a daring detail or two. Dress up Calibre’s White Chic Blazer with an Italian Silk tie, or go for broke in the statement-making Mod Suit. Accessories are your chance to shine within black and white confines, so Calibre have released a limited edition black and white range especially for the occasion.

For Crown Oaks Day: The Statement Suit


Time to rock soft fabrics, pastel colours and floral prints

Welcome to ladies’ day, when the fairer sex rule the racing roost with a parade of peacock-worthy designs. Never fear, the lads are not left out – men celebrate Crown Oaks Day by unleashing the feminine side of their fashion sense. Crack out the soft fabrics, the pastel colours, the floral prints. Channel your inner dandy with adventurous accessories and a fearless suit. Statements don’t come much louder than Calibre’s unapologetic Miami Blazer. Pair it with a crisp shirt and tailored trousers to keep it looking race day ready. If that’s more pink than your temperament can handle, opt for a floral pocket square or rosy flower pin instead.

For Stakes Day: Stylish Separates


Quell that separation anxiety

The Melbourne Cup Carnival winds to a close with a relaxed and fun day for the whole family. Stakes Day offers a more laid back, garden party vibe, while still observing race day standards of chicness. This is your chance to say au revoir to the suit and explore separates. Try Calibre’s Chambray Blazer and tailored trousers, dressed up with a printed shirt and a silk tie. If you can’t shake the more formal look, the Natural Linen Suit is a lighter option. Whichever route you choose, don’t forget to accessorise. A Vivienne Westwood pocket square or Givenchy tortoiseshell frames are finishing touches that instantly elevate a look.

Gentlemen, your odds just went up in the style stakes.

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