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31 Creative Bookshelves To Inspire Your Inner Bookworm

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Remember reading? That thing you did back in school, before CliffsNotes and Kindles and Wikipedia meant you never had to crack an actual book again? It’s time you brought that back.

Reading is like exercise. You know you should do it, but without the proper motivation, it’s all too easy to settle for sweatpants and Netflix instead. Studies show that reading can increase your lifespan, with the natural side effects of making you a more interesting and educated guy. And with so many incredible options to choose from – from the best new releases to the controversial classics – there’s zero excuse not to find something that captures your imagination.

Back to that “motivation” part. What constitutes sufficient motivation to read? The answer will vary for everyone, but an inspiring bookshelf is a strong start. You want your books to be organised, easily accessible, and displayed in a visually appealing way. They should enrich your home at the same time as they enrich your mind.

Use this gallery of creative bookshelves to inspire your own storage solutions for your growing literary wealth.


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