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Ditch These Fashion Items Just In Time For Summer

Obviously, summer is hot. And such horrendous heat is known to melt away many a man’s common sense and good judgement when it comes to appropriate dressing. You know the type: rubber thongs, nipple-ly singlets and satiny footy shorts (howzat!)

But style sins aside, it’s actually a lot easier — and breezier — to do summer style right this year.

“This summer, men should be adopting a much more relaxed and casual style, more easy and breezy,” explains Dan Rookwood, US editor at Mr Porter.


There’s a real riff on the 1950s that comes into play, too.

“Think club collar shirts, such as bowling shirts and loose tropical print shirts, which are quite pyjama-like, often worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt with looser chinos or even draw-string trousers,” says Rookwood.

“You get the message here: forget about super slim-fit and being buttoned up.”

Summer is all about dressing one way: “Loose.” So, ditch the following six things from your summer wardrobe.

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#1 Skintight Bottoms


Straight fit jeans have replaced skintight fits

After several seasons of skinny jeans and chunky gym dudes trying to pull on a pair over their massive thighs, skintight bottoms are officially off limits this summer.

“This summer, avoid skintight jeans and skinny chinos,” says Rookwood.

Instead, opt for a straight or tapered leg fit (where the thigh area has more room, narrowing from the knee down to the ankle. It works in casual and smart casual settings, and is much appropriate for formal and semi-formal trousers.


“Menswear has moved towards a looser-fit with the trouser. It works much better in the heat, as it allows air to circulate and is much more comfortable.”

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#2 Primary Colour Pants


Primary coloured pants are better packed away this summer. Wear white instead.

You know those summer-only, bright red chinos you’ve had stored away for winter? Keep them hidden.  And, the same goes for chinos, trousers and (oh, yes) jeans in bold blue, yellow, green and orange, too.

“Primary coloured chinos are gone,” says Rookwood.

Instead, inject the colour into your top half (or even footwear). Then, look to neutral, earthen colours for your bottoms — beige, clay, white, grey, olive, navy.

“I like a baggier, neutral chino,” he adds. “And, worn with a woven leather belt.”

#3 Skimpy Singlets


Keep singlets for the beach and opt for a white cotton tee in the city streets

Anything that exposes too much flesh — even though it’s hot — needs to go from the summer wardrobe (that includes that bintang singlet you picked up from Bali as a style souvenir).

But, the common singlet goes beyond showing one-tribal-tattooed-arm too many or a cheap logo print. In mainstream fashion, one singlet sin continues to plague men in summer: the slide slit singlet.

“Dropped armhole singlets need to go,” says Rookwood. “Enough with the ‘side moob’.”

Instead, opt for a t-shirt to stay cool. And with a shirt, you won’t to be tempted to over-expose.


“Try a fine-gauge cotton knitted polo shirt or a slub tee.” Both are light, and dapper, for summer.

#4 Fluoro, Anything


Say no to neons, forget fluoro: jewel tones are the colours for summer

This summer, its say goodbye to tight, and now bright (yes, even if you’ve got a tan or darker skin tone to pull it off) things in the wardrobe.

“Anything day-glow or fluoro needs to get the boot,” quips Rookwood. “Unless you’re at a festival. But, even then…”

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While colour shines in summer, jewel tones — a major summer trend at Pitti Uomo on the Florence streets in this June — are much better than neons and pasty pastels.

Tossing out your neons, invest in precious stone hues such as emerald, jade, sapphire and ruby. And even magenta, for purple fans.

#5 Novelty Print Shirts


Revere collar shirts in silk and cotton fabrics are a big trend for summer

Chucking away that (heinous) Hawaiian shirt doesn’t mean you have to go minimal this season. First up, the hibiscus (or any floral for that matter) is made cool as washed-out vintage print or as an embroidered feature.

“Think club collar shirts, such as bowling shirts and loose tropical print shirts, which are quite pyjama-like,” says Rookwood.

The retro collar and fabrication makes the bold pattern shirt less souvenir-esque, more classic. And styling is even more nonchalant.

“Wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt with looser chinos or even draw-string trousers.” See that? Trousers. Satin rugby shorts aren’t even on the style radar.


#6 Thongs


Thongs, schmongs. Sandals (and slip on sneakers) are this summer’s footwear find

Comfortable and stylish shoes are the bedrock of men’s fashion. And summer is no exception, even if you plan to live at the beach every single weekend.

“Slip-on sneakers or leather sandals are key,” says Rookwood.

The fact neither of the aforementioned summer shoes have laces, means you’ve now got no excuse to only sport rubber thongs (because of practicality and ease) around in public, especially in urban areas. Only at the beach or pool, are thongs (barely) acceptable. Leather sandals and slip-on sneakers are much better.

“Slip on Vans are great, but worn with secret sock liner to avoid the stink,” advises Rookwood.

Otherwise, look to boats shoes or a suede driving or loafer; more the moniker of a stylish man.


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