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Wolverine Is Older, Sadder, But Still Gritty In First ‘Logan’ Trailer

After 16 badass years portraying Wolverine on the big screen, Hugh Jackman is stepping into the mutant superhero’s shoes for the final time in Logan. The solo flick’s first trailer has just dropped, revealing a grizzled, grimmer take on the character.

Set in 2024, Logan‘s Wolverine and Professor Xavier (once again played by Patrick Stewart) are older and weaker. Wolverine’s healing powers are waning. Xavier is grappling with Alzheimer’s. Mutants are a thing of the past, all gone into hiding or wiped out by government assassins.

Or so they think. The duo are introduced to Laura (Sienna Novikov), a mysterious young girl who appears to have powers very similar to Logan’s, and tasked with keeping her safe from nefarious forces. Could she be X-23, the female clone of Wolverine who eventually replaces him in the comics?


The nail-biter trailer is accompanied by Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt,” which against all odds, doesn’t come off as cheesy in this context. Something about seeing our beloved mutants so broken, so physically and emotionally shattered, makes the iconic tune work.

Logan roars into theaters in March 2017. Watch the trailer above.


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