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Style Essentials For The Man In His 20s

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1 of 10|Topman|Bomber jacket - AU$130 - BUY
2 of 10|Ellesse|Baseball cap - AU$44 - BUY
3 of 10|Nonnative|Camo print canvas backpack - AU$200 - BUY
4 of 10|Nudie Jeans|Pre-washed Slim cut jeans - AU$239 - BUY
5 of 10|Converse X Comme des Garçons|Low cut sneaker - AU$149 - BUY
6 of 10|Noose & Monkey|Statement blazer - AU$250 - BUY
7 of 10|Maison Kitsuné|Cotton Oxford shirt - AU$200 - BUY
8 of 10|Crooked Howlet|Silver pendant - AU$60 - BUY
9 of 10|J.Crew|Slim fit chinos - AU$100 - BUY
10 of 10|House of Hound|Tassel loafer - AU$160 - BUY

The twenties: the decade for starting your first (real) job, attending grown-up parties with fancy food and wine you can’t pronounce, and a time where you happily waste your money on hedonistic pleasures (Saturday’s $20 ‘smashed avo’? And $50 a week (at least) on takeaway coffee?) than save for a house deposit.

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But, what’s the twenties without eating and wearing every dollar you earn? Beside, wasn’t it Shakespeare who so eloquently put it: “clothes make the man.”

Keeping your social butterfly aflight, the twentes should be a time to commence that all important staple wardrobe. And adding in the fun pieces along the way. Strike a balance between refined and edgy, trendy and classic, affordable and luxurious.

At the bottom of career (and pay) ladder, you need more bang for your buck, so it’s all about items that play their part during the week, and on the weekend.

But above all, being young embraces the statement pieces that, really, only a lean, baby-faced twenty-something can pull off (no dadbod worries, yet). Check out these 10 pieces, and you’ll be the best looking kid on the sartorial block.

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