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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [10.10.16]

It’s time to get back on the horse, lads. It’s Monday and that means another round of toiling away and no thanks to us, procrastination with a bit of brains.

In today’s edition of pointless and awesome facts we’re taking a look at the world’s best places to have sex, the worst foods any human being can have for breakfast, how trashy movies can affect your intelligence and the more pressing issue of what casual cocaine use can do to your body. Read on and find out.

World’s Best Places To Have Sex


Crooked Forest, Poland

Put those pants back on, tiger. Think having sex in the laundry room or shower is adventurous? Think again. The Huffington Post have revealed the world’s most iconic places to do the deed. Here are the top five they’ve found along with a quirky reason why.

  1. Icelandic Phallological Museum, Iceland – Self explanatory, really. It’s the world’s largest collection of dicks all in the one place. If this doesn’t get the lucky catch in the mood, then it’ll at least be a great history lesson in dicks. From a 68kg whale penis to a hamster penis to the ugly human pickled dick, this is one museum that will send visitors into a dick frenzy as they marvel at the jarred appendages. It’s called penis art, people.
  2. Hobbit Holes, New Zealand – Do the dirty here and you can officially say that you’ve fornicated in Frodo’s backyard. Besides boasting some seriously beautiful scenery of the rolling green pastures, there are 44 of these Hobbit holes to live out your Lord of the Rings dreams. Whether it’s a Frodo and Sam union or a Return of the King themed party, it’s bound to be an adventure that’ll spawn a few sequels.
  3. Jelly Fish Lake, Palau – Forget skinny dipping in the local lagoon under the moonlight. Get frisky in Jelly Fish Lake and you’ll be surrounded by floating harmless sea life which resemble breasts. Talk about a handful. Be weary of the lonely guys swimming in this lake. Enough said.
  4. Jigokudani Hot Springs, Japan – Natural hot water meets steam meets white snow. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect setting for sex then we’re not sure what will. Hot springs are renowned for relaxing the muscles and promoting blood flow. At these hot springs there’s also monkeys who are always keen for a show.
  5. Crooked Forest, Poland – If it’s phallic images you’re after to get you in the mood then head on over to the Poland where the trees look like flaccid genitalia. We’re talking about all of the trees here. Now that’s serenity.

Worst Breakfasts Created By Fast Food Joints


KFC Chicken AM

Today KFC released their breakfast menu in the UK and it’s just as terrible as you could imagine. Fried chicken to start the morning anyone?

Here are the world’s worst breakfast meals.

  1. Burger King Breakfast Platter: Hash browns, eggs, sausage pattie, hot cakes and a massive biscuit – 1,130 calories
  2. Carl’s Jr. Monster Biscuit: Any breakfast dish with the word ‘biscuit’ in it cannot be good. Carl’s Jr. lives up this this generalisation with their Monster Biscuit consisting of bacon, egg, sausage and cheese – 730 calories
  3. KFC Chicken AM: Colonel’s special chicken, smoked bacon, egg and cheese in a special floured bun – ‘TBC’ calories
  4. Whataburger Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit: It’s exactly what you think it is. Honeyed butter lathered over a biscuit before sandwiching a fried piece of chicken. There is no God – 590 calories
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts: Sausage, eggs and cheese set between a croissant – 700 calories

Crap Movies Affect Your Intelligence



It’s proven men. If you watch shit movies you’re smarter. The study comes from journal Poetics surveyed people on trashy films based on how cheap or poorly made they were. Think films such as Sharknado and its sequels which were so bad that they were weirdly considered good amongst those tested. Those tested?

Well-educated, intelligent people deemed “cultural omnivores” by the study, a.k.a people who have eclectic tastes in the varieties of culture they consume. The reason these braniacs like these types of movies was more to do with the experience than the actual Oscar-worthy scripting itself. So there you go. Go forth and put on Mariah Carey’s blockbuster, Glitter.

Actors You (Probably) Didn’t Know Were Dead


Young Jonathan Brandis

Everyone will eventually meet their maker but there are some actors in this world who you probably grew up with and didn’t even realise had departed this Earth too soon.

Jonathan Brandis: The kid who played the lead in The Never Ending Story II and Sidekicks rose to fame in hit 90s television series, SeaQuest DSV. The fame he experienced in his younger years wasn’t to be replicated later on though, subsequently leading to Brandis hanging himself in 2003 at his Los Angeles apartment. Friends say that he was depressed after his career went on the decline and he turned to drinking.

Peter Boyle: As one of the most loveable angry granddads on television, Frank Barone was a truly memorable character on Everybody Loves Raymond. He had a career spanning 40 years and passed away in hospital at 71 after a bout with heart disease.

James Avery: Most knew him only as the firm yet fair Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air who often put a young Will Smith back in line. Avery passed away in 2013 from complications of open heart surgery. Will Smith spoke of his passing, “Some of my greatest lessons in acting, living and being a respectable human being came through James Avery. Every young man needs an Uncle Phil. Rest in Peace.”

Pat Morita: An 80s icon alongside the Karate Kid himself, Pat Morita portrayed the wise Japanese karate sensei and life mentor known as Mr, Miyagi. He taught an entire generation of kids humility and respect and his death was felt by those close to him even if it did go under the radar. Morita died of kidney failure in 2005.

Thuy Trang: Widely recognised as the very first American Yellow Ranger in the hit children’s show Power Rangers, Trang tragically died in a car accident in 2001 at the age of just 27.

Working Hours From Around The World


The Hour Keeper AKA Boss

Think your office hours are bad? Compare yourself with what the rest of the world’s rat racers are pulling in terms of hours per year and their corresponding work-life satisfaction rating.

  • France: 1,479 hours/year, 79% satisfactory
  • America: 1,654 hours/year, 74% satisfactory
  • New Zealand: 1,706 hours/year, 85% satisfactory
  • Canada: 1,710 hours/year, 80% satisfactory
  • Australia: 1,728 hours/year, 83% satisfactory
  • Japan: 1,746 hours/year, 86% satisfactory
  • Italy: 1,752 hours/year, 75% satisfactory
  • UK: 1,790 hours/year, 75% satisfactory
  • Greece: 2,034 hours/year, 52% satisfactory
  • Mexico: 2,226 hours/year, 82% satisfactory


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