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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [24.10.16]

Ah, the great start-of-week blues. No matter what industry you’re in, a man is bound to lose his way at the desk today.

Well we say if you’re going to do it, do it well. This week’s procrastination round up of Pointless & Awesome comes complements of renowned actors who weaselled their way into Hollywood to sports with the highest number of injuries.

Read on, you handsome bludger.

Famous Actors Who Never Took Acting Lessons


Heath Ledger

Thought dropping out of school to become a Hollywood superstar was just a pipe dream? These actors who never went to acting school will prove you wrong.

Heath Ledger: Long before he rose to prominence as Chris Nolan’s Joker, Ledger finished school at 17 and drove across Australia with his best friend Trevor DiCarlo in search of acting work. He made small rolls in different sitcoms and children’s shows such as Ship to Shore before landing a role in his first feature film in 1997, Blackrock. Two years later he’d be cast as the love interest in the hit teen comedy, 10 Things I Hate About You which launched his Hollywood career.

Tom Cruise: Cruise had a knack for performing from an early age where he put on an improvised play called IT with six other boys at the Carleton Elementary School drama festival. Things weren’t to be though with Cruise ditching acting to pursue a career as a Catholic priest instead. Thankfully he abandoned that idea and moved to New York where his talents quickly earned him a spot in the movie Taps. From there it was Endless Love opposite Brooke Shields, Risky Business and then the iconic Top Gun.

Christian Bale: The angry actor who played one of this generation’s finest Batmen wasn’t a superhero to begin with. He dropped out of school at sixteen and jumped straight into the industry, doing commercials before moving onto stage productions. After winning an award for Empire of the Sun his rise to Hollywood was set as the method actor continued honing his craft in American Psycho, The Machinist, The Fighter, and the Nolan-Batman trilogy.

Johnny Depp: Depp wasn’t always an actor – he used to cut hair. No we’re joking. He did however want to be a musician during the 80s which meant he had no official acting training besides his uniquely eccentric personality. In his younger days Depp was a telemarketer for pens, which he considers his first acting gig. Fellow actor Nicolas Cage was the one who convinced Depp to take acting seriously and from there he scored the lead of the popular hit show, 21 Jump Street. The rest is pretty much history.

Here’s Obama’s Last State Dinner Menu As President


Nom Nom Nom

Obama’s term as President is fast coming to a close, but if you’ve ever wondered what one of the last meals of an outgoing President actually is, then ponder no more. Here’s what Obama will be eating at his upcoming Final State Dinner.

Canapés: Fish in a sweet and sour sauce with eggplant, roasted figs with pesto and little tubes of puréed crab.

Pasta: The White House menu calls it a “velvety pillow of paper-thin pasta” which in other parts of the world is known as agnolotti. It will be stuffed with sweet potato, nutmeg, parsley and sage (with sprinkled cheese on top).

Seasonal Delight: Roasted butternut squash, chicory, pumpkin and sheep’s cheese salad, drizzled with cider vinaigrette.

Main course: Beef tenderloin layered with bresaola (air dried salted beef), cheese, parsley, garlic and breadcrumbs. The dish is served with an extravagantly garnished broccoli dish. A veggie option will also be available.

Dessert: Green apple crostata (Italian apple pie) with caramel sauce, toffee crumble and buttermilk cream. Also included, a platter of seasonal fruits and vegetables from the U.S. and Italy. Pumpkin, milk chocolate chestnuts, grapes, green peppers and tomatoes inclusive.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Out Of Your Shoe


You’re drinking sweat and bacteria

By now you’d know of that pesky little trend going around the motorsport circles which involves podium standers from drinking out of a sweaty shoe in the name of celebration. Started by Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo, the trend has taken on a life of its own with celebrities also being forced to drink out of the driver’s shoe or face being booed off stage. Fun and games? Not so. Here’s why you shouldn’t drink out of your shoe.

  • The human body has 2-4 million sweat glands. The highest concentration of those sweat glands is on the bottom of your feet.
  • One foot can sweat up to 450ml of sweat a day.
  • Three chemicals make up foot odour and the smells they give off are: sulfur garlic, pungent, rancid, sour, cheesy and fermented smells.
  • There are more germs in your shoe than on it.

Your Genes Dictate How Much You Love Coffee


Bean lovin’ all night long

It’s no surprise that some people need to drink more coffee than others to feel switched on, but have you ever wondered why this is the case? Simple. Genetics.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have concluded a study which found that people with a DNA variation in a gene called PDSS2 tend to drink fewer cups of coffee when compared to those who didn’t have PDSS2. Researchers say that the gene could reduce the cells’ ability to break down caffeine, meaning a small amount stays in the body for longer.

Sports WithThe Most Injuries


It’s as bad as you thought

Thinking of taking up a new sport? Avoid these unless your idea of friendly competition is a torn ACL or a careless motorist side swiping you on a freeway.

  1. Basketball
  2. Cycling
  3. Football
  4. Gym
  5. Soccer
  6. Skateboarding
  7. Weightlifting
  8. Fishing




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