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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [31.10.16]

Have some Halloween shenanigans to share? Funny that, so does this week’s Pointless & Awesome things men need to know.

From some of the world’s worst Halloween treats ever received to the best workouts for drinkers, this is procrastination central done right, you handsome bludger.

#1 Worst Halloween Treats Ever Received


Bit of scorpion with your treat?

Living in a high rise with random strangers is bad enough with the weird smells emanating, but come Halloween time the usually private holes in the wall become a treasure chest for the weird, wonderful and the weirder. That’s just one scenario anyway. Here are the worst ‘Treats’ ever received by kids according to Refinery29.

  1. Lollipops with dead bugs inside
  2. Box of raisins
  3. Home made protein bars
  4. Toothbrush
  5. Giant black liquorice rat
  6. Apples
  7. NRL footy cards

#2 Four Magic Phrases To Say When You’re Stopped By Police


Your name’s…McLovin?

Let us start by saying that one of them is not: “Is that a baton in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

The good people at Good have done some research into what rights a civilian has when pulled over by the fuzz. Here’s what you’re legally allowed to say without getting a taser to the face.

  1. “Am I free to go?” – You can ask this question to the officer regardless of the situation. If they don’t have any evidence on what you’ve supposedly done, you’re legally free to go. If the answer to your question is a ‘no’ then you’re not free to go. They’ve suspected that you’ve done something wrong and will detain you for information.
  2. “I do not consent to any searches” – The law are a smart bunch and one of their ploys is to trick you into letting them search your car or property. The most common saying they’ll use is: “So if you haven’t done anything, then you’re ok with us searching your car…right? I mean, if you’re innocent. We’ll go easier on you if you let us.” As a law abiding citizen you do not need to relinquish your rights so easily. If you’ve got nothing to hide but respect your privacy, tell them you do not consent to the search.
  3. “I want to remain silent” – You certainly have the right to use this if you’ve been suspected of something by the police. Say they pull you over for going 70km/h in a 60 zone and ask you to open your window then say they can smell marijuana, instead of coming up with a story about it being your mate Johnny’s stash, you’re better off saying “I want to remain silent.”
  4. “I want a lawyer” – Anyone who has come to this point of the conversation is already well up shit creek, so feel free to ask for one and say nothing until they arrive.

#3 Best Workouts If You’re A Drinker


Get to the brewery

Beer = carbs and carbs are the perennial enemy of a solid physique. Most men love a good drink and it has been proven that light to moderate drinking helps reduce cardiovascular disease, but too much of a good thing as they say, can be bad. How do you maintain a good balance and keep the regular drinking habit regulated with the right exercise? Here are the stats according to Thrillist.

  • Engage in 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise or 75 minutes of high-intensity cardio
  • Strength train at least twice a week
  • Stretch at least twice a week
  • Perform exercises that challenge your balance, coordination, and agility

#4 Celebrity Earnings From Instagram Endorsements


Money for ‘Likes’ is a becoming big business

From Cristiano to a Kardashian, social media is today’s play ground for business savvy figures who know how to take a mean selfie and market the hell out of their wears. From Instagram to Snapchat to Facebook, these are the kinds of US dollars celebrities are pulling in based on their number of followers, according the bean counters at The Economist.

#5 Most Notorious Murder Homes That Went On Sale


Slightly worse than your mother-in-law’s home

If you’re in the the current real estate market it’s likely you’d be making a killing. If you’re trying to sell these few houses though you’d be in a bit of strife because the killings happened within them. From the real Amityville Horror house to a mansion which had a victim dismembered and burnt in the furnace, these are the properties you can buy that were previously home to murderers.

Amityville Horror House: 106 Ocean Avenue, New York, 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot dead his parents and four siblings while they were sleeping in the house, priced at $955,000

Kreischer Mansion: Arthur Kill Road, New York, Staten Island, Balthasar Kreischer’s son shot himself in the head after the family lost their fortune. In 2005 hit man Joseph Young took out Robert McKelvey on the property by strangling, stabbing, and then drowning him. McKelvey’s body was dismembered with a hacksaw and disposed of in the mansion’s furnace. The house went on the market for $9.5 million.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Akron Ohio Home: Jeffrey Dahmer first murder at 18 occurred on this property. the victim was Steven Hicks who had his remains spread in the surrounding woods and under the porch. Dahmer would later go on to be convicted of murdering another 17 young men.



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