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Mid-Century Goes Modern In Daring Istanbul Penthouse

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There’s something to be said for minimalism. After a long day at the office, you may want nothing more than to unwind on a simple sofa, surrounded by clean lines and a soothing colour palette. We’ve lusted after plenty of Scandinavian homes that fit the bill.

On the other hand, embracing clean lines and neutral colours doesn’t have to mean letting your minimalist flag fly. Khalkedon House, a recently refurbished Istanbul penthouse, starts with the trademark stamps of minimalism, then throws caution to the wind and convention out the door.

The striking, two-floor space modernises mid-century style and tops it off with a contemporary approach to comfort and elegance. Multi-disciplinary design studio Escapefromsofa gave the interior a toned-down palette of whites and greys for the walls, carpets, and fabrics. Iroko hardwood floors provide contrast to ensure the space doesn’t feel cold or unwelcoming. Italian marble and polished brass details add subtle luxury without overwhelming the senses.


Your senses are on their own, however, when it comes to the wallpaper in the living room. It’s custom-made, boasts a design of tropical foliage and flowers, and is unapologetically loud. There’s no missing a statement this big, particularly when juxtaposed against sumptuous details like patterned throw pillows and a metal shelving unit. The desaturated colour scheme is its saving grace (although the room still wouldn’t be a go-to venue for meditation).

Elsewhere, the Turkish penthouse does take a more serene approach. The upper floor, which includes the master bedroom and a second sitting room-cum-playroom, is airy and full of light. Skylights dot the ceiling and the colour palette more heavily leans towards white. There’s also a spacious L-shaped terrace with a lounge and dining area, which is probably a better bet for your meditation practice.


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