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Pack These Essential Items For Your Next Summer Getaway

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1 of 10|Boglioli|Houndstooth linen and cotton blazer - AU$700 - LINK
2 of 10|Schnayderman's|Leisure Japanese chambray - AU$219 - LINK
3 of 10|Orlebar Brown|Tailored fit resort shorts - AU$200 - LINK
4 of 10|Want Les Essentiels|O'Hare tote bag - AU$245 - LINK
5 of 10|Tod's|Rubber sole deck shoes - AU$450 - LINK
6 of 10|Borsalino|Straw Hat - AU$240 - LINK
7 of 10|Venroy|Linen stripe t-shirt - AU$60 - LINK
8 of 10|Retrosuperfuture|Giaguaro Patrol sunglasses -AU$319
9 of 10|Frescobol Carioca|Copacabana sports swim shorts - AU$200 - LINK
10 of 10|Givenchy|Slides - AU$240 - LINK

This (is it hot, or not?) spring weather is taking its sweet time to turn into summer. So, what better way to usher in the summer months, than stocking up on those essential menswear items for your next summer getaway?

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But, while a summer vacay — all that sun, sand and salty air — is the ultimate in relaxation (and an excuse to leave that restricting yet stylish business shirt and tie combo back in the office for a few days), the modern man should put in one last effort to be organised before retiring into holiday mode.  And that’s by packing correctly.

Holiday booked or not, a bit of casual planning (and shopping) is in order. Especially, if it’s been a while since you’ve stocked up on new gear (and you’re still wearing those knee-length, flame-print boardies from 1999. They, themselves need burning).

From linen shirts to tailored chino shorts, statement shades and solid shoes (yes, they are still required, even on vacation), here are ten of the most essential items for your next summer getaway. Bring on those rays.

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