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A Muted And Masculine Montreal Loft By Manon Bélanger

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Calling all tasteful Canadian mountain men: we’ve found the Montreal loft of your dreams.

The project was completed in 2015 by designer Manon Bélanger. Once a fire station, the building was eventually converted to condos. This particular apartment hadn’t been renovated since the 1970s, but in Bélanger’s capable hands, it transformed into a thoroughly modern, masculine, and inviting space.

The designer’s intention was to leverage the richness of the architecture and materials, while giving it a man-approved makeover. Dark and light are balanced throughout the loft. Dark wood ceiling beams, dark leather furniture, and exposed brick walls contribute a masculine air. White walls and a white finish on the wood floor, along with a steel spiral staircase replacing the old wooden staircase, ensure the dark colours never feel too heavy.

Interesting details are placed throughout to give the apartment personality. The artfully stacked log feature and collection of animal antlers speak to the tastes of a rugged backwoodsman. On the other hand, the modern art in the living room, the minimalist kitchen and bathroom, and the book laden shelves of the small reading nook are the calling cards of an urbane city gent. This space all about balance – or, as the kids might say, ‘get you a loft that can do both.’

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