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9 Famous Movie Scenes The Actors Hated Shooting

On the surface, Hollywood is all glamour. Actors sport perfectly coiffed hair, wear designer clothes, eat at trendy restaurants, exercise with personal trainers… even the actual work doesn’t seem much like work. Add up the fame, fortune, fans, travel, and fun of filming and it looks like a pretty (ok, absurdly) good life.

But that isn’t always the case. Certain scenes are exhausting, embarrassing, or even painful for the actors involved. Sometimes, like in the case of Captain America: Civil War, it’s physical discomfort that earns the actor’s ire. Other times, as in Black Swan and Basic Instinct, it’s sex and nudity that make the actors uncomfortable.

And then there’s The Revenant. Leonardo DiCaprio is known for giving his all in his films, but he took that dedication to new heights in his Oscar-winning role when he ate raw bison liver despite being a vegetarian. They say great art requires great sacrifice, but few actors would be willing to go to such extremes for celluloid perfection. Academy Award well earned.


The good folks at Screen Rant know all about the trials and tribulations of filming a Hollywood blockbuster. In the video above, they reveal nine famous movie scenes the actors hated shooting.


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