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These Are The Highest Paid Jobs For People Who Hate People


Want money? Be like Russell Crowe’s angry mathematician character from A Beautiful Mind

Face it. Not everybody on this planet is wired to regurgitate rainbows and sunshine for the amusement of others.

More specifically, if your idea of a good day at work is hanging out with the pot plants whilst you trawl through memes in peace, then congratulations – you’re officially a people hater. Finding a career that benefits this lone wolf work life is often harder than it seems, especially if you have the tenacity to call out potential clients for being fat.

Thankfully those “people skills” that most jobs harp on about are overrated, according to new data from the Occupational Information Network.

The firm which forms part of a US Department of Labour database recently completed an analysis on 947 occupations, rating a list of jobs which scale from 0 to 100 based on human contact and pleasantry with others. These jobs were then averaged out to determine which were the highest paid roles (in Australian dollars).

It’s probably fair to note that not all of these people in these jobs are assholes; they’re simply the highest paid in their industry which requires the least amount of social engagement.

A word from the Editor-in-Chief: “It’s nice to finally see people who hate people given the right kind of career path. Had I not started D’Marge, I would definitely be working as a poet with a penchant for drinking Gin in the mornings under a tree.”

Geological Sample-test Technician

Average salary: $73,682

Required sociability score: 56

Geological sample-test technicians have the fun job of testing and analysing geological samples, crude oils and minerals for traces of petroleum, gas, or mineral deposits.

Aircraft Mechanic/Service Technician

Average salary: $77,339

Required sociability score: 64

These people are charged with diagnosing, adjusting, repairing, or overhauling aircraft engines and components. They are also considered helicopter and aircraft-engine specialists.

Judicial Law Clerks

Average salary: $79,380

Required sociability score: 65.5

Not to be confused with prosecutors and standard lawyers, these highly paid minions assist judges in court by conducting research or preparing legal documents for cases.

Poet, Lyricist & Creative writer

Average salary: $79,830

Required sociability score: 52

Pretty straight forward but these people put word to paper in the form of scripts, essays, poetry, or song lyrics.

Photonics Technician

Average salary: $81,168

Required sociability score: 64

These lucky folk build, install, test, or maintain fibre-optic equipment. This includes lasers, lenses and mirrors used in spectrometers or interferometers.


Average salary: $97,730

Required sociability score: 65

Believe it. Studying human society can be a much rewarded job. These workers examine the groups and social institutions that people form. This includes social, religious, political, and business groups.


Average salary: $106,144

Required sociability score: 64

These workers are natural born numbers people and are responsible for designing and applying mathematical or statistical theory in order to collect, organise and evaluate numerical data for use in practical information.

Biochemists & Biophysicists

Average salary: $108,847

Required sociability score: 65.5

These smart cookies conduct research on chemical and physical principles of living organisms. This includes biological processes such as cell development, growth, heredity, and disease.

Web administrator

Average salary: $112,941

Required sociability score: 64.5

They manage web environment design, deployment, development, and maintenance activities and perform testing and quality assurance of websites and web applications.


Average salary: $118,850

Required sociability score: 64.5

Not to be confused with hydrologists or geographers, these workers study the physical aspects of the Earth including composition and structure.

Remote Sensing Scientist/Technologist

Average salary: $128,695

Required sociability score: 62

These workers apply remote sensing principles and methods to analyse data in order to resolve issues in natural resource management, urban planning and homeland security.

Environmental Economist

Average salary: $131,411

Required sociability score: 58.5

Merging both the environment and business ethics, these workers conduct economic analysis related to environmental protection and the sound use of the natural environment. This includes water, air, land, and renewable-energy resources.

Political Scientist

Average salary: $132,140

Required sociability score: 64

Science and politics? Indeed. It’s not surprising that two of the most intensive and boring professions appear on this list. these guys study the origin, development and operation of political systems. Did someone say ‘party’?


Average salary: $137,930

Required sociability score: 60.5

It’d appear that looking at stars can score you a good penny. Astronomers track, research, and interpret astronomical phenomena to find solutions to Earthly practical problems.


Average salary: $144,727

Required sociability score: 57.5

These office dwellers can often be found conducting research, preparing reports and making plans to alleviate economic problems which arise in the production and distribution of goods and services or monetary and fiscal policy.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Average salary: $147,563

Required sociability score: 64.5

Sorry, but this doesn’t mean a cool hacker. These intelligent people conduct research, design and develop computer equipment for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use.


Average salary: $149,139

Required sociability score: 58

Think Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting or Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind but more serious and less cool. These guys research fundamental mathematics and the application of mathematical models to science, management, and other high intensity fields require problem solving.

[via Business Insider]




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