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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [04.10.16]

Cure those start of week blues with a hit of the good stuff. By good stuff we mean a collection of the most random facts available to man that we hope will one day serve you a purpose over some bar banter or speed dating.

Pointless & Awesome, a place where the best procrastination comes to thrive and productivity dies.

#1 What Your Looks Say About You


According to a new study by Tech Insider, everybody judges (duh). More specifically though, people judge others in a matter of mere seconds whether you’re at the shops or meeting a hot date.

Here are the five interesting things that the study found:

  1. If you’re attractive, people assume you have other positive traits: Because it isn’t fair enough that you’re just hot, social psychologists have found that something called the “halo effect” also comes into play. That is, people tend to perceive those with good looks with positive qualities such as intelligence and commitment. To rub salt into the wounds, researchers have also confirmed a cognitive bias which leads to good looking people getting paid more.
  2. People can figure out your personality based on a photo: A 2009 study consisting of 123 subjects from the University of Texas were told to have a natural expression or to pose in any form they wanted. From there the researchers were able to gauge how high one’s self esteem was, how religious they were, how agreeable they were and how conscientious they were. In other words, be creative in those Tinder profiles, men.
  3. Your Height Gives The Impression Of Great Leadership: Tall people rejoice, you’re viewed more favourably  as a leader since you’re taller. In a 2013 study a group of psychologists, neuroscientists, and computer scientists examined a group by placing portraits in front of 47 men and 83 women. They were then asked to evaluate these portraits with no prior knowledge of their background. What the results showed was that people relied on gender and face length to make guesses about a person’s overall height before evaluating their ability to lead. Those with longer faces were perceived to be taller which in turn gave the impression that they were better leaders.
  4. Facial structure is used to gauge aggressiveness: Researchers at the Centre for Behaviour Change found that men with higher testosterone levels were more likely to have wider faces and cheekbones. These facial features tended to give the impression of aggressiveness and status-driven personalities.

#2 Anti-Ageing Foods That Could Save Years


Forget the fountain of youth. Food is enough to keep one young but not just any regular slab of grub. Specific foods have been found to prevent signs of ageing according to an investigative piece by the Reader’s Digest. Here’s what they say you should be eating:

  1. Walnuts
  2. Carrots
  3. Sardines
  4. Snails
  5. Coconut
  6. Sweet potatoes
  7. Wine and chocolate
  8. Pomegranate

#3 Best Ways To Score A Hotel Upgrade


Forget flirting with the concierge to score you and your buddies a sweet upgrade at your next hotel stay. have listed some of the most effective ways to get an upgrade the old fashioned way (no, not selling your booty).

1. Be part of a hotel program: Many hotels offer membership programs that provide guests with benefits for frequent stays. This includes…upgrades.

2. Get the right credit card: Major hotels offer credit cards that automatically make guests eligible for an upgrade. An example is Hilton’s Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve card which automatically grants you gold status. The same also goes for the Hyatt Credit Card. So keep those cards peeled.

3. Tell the staff that it’s a special occasion: At check in, always do the sneaky and drop in that you’re celebrating something big. This could be a birthday, a bachelor party, an engagement or a recent divorce. Whatever the reason, just make sure the fib is worthy of a better room. You’ll be surprised what you can score.

4. Ask for it but be nice about it: Don’t ask, don’t get. The worst thing they can say is ‘no’ and appreciate that you’re nice about it. Also, be realistic. Don’t book a standard room expecting to get the Presidential Suite.

5. Complement the staff: Be polite and leave good feedback for the staff (not the sleazy type). If you’ve got a decent social media following, let them know that you’ll be sharing images of how awesome the place is.

6. Book a new hotel: New hotels often need the exposure and they don’t yet have the reviews to bring in the numbers. Use this to your advantage and politely ask for an upgrade.

7. Arrive late rather than early: Be aware that the afternoon to early evening is a non-peak time at the check-in desk. This means that the concierge won’t be too rushed in looking after your needs. They’ll also have a better view of what rooms are available, hence increasing your chances of an upgrade.

9. Stay just one night if possible: Hotel dwellers have proven that shorter stays are more likely to get an upgrade as premium rooms may be filled the following days or have the potential to be filled.

#4 Places You’re Most Likely To Get Attacked By Pirates


We’re not talking of the Johnny Depp variety either. These are dudes with guns and machetes who will rob you, kill you, and then rob you again for your organs. Be weary when Captain Cooking to these places:

5. Malacca Strait: 36 acts of piracy
4. Caribbean Sea: 38 acts of piracy
3. Singapore Strait: 60 acts of piracy
2. South China Sea: 62 acts of piracy
1. Gulf of Guinea: 116 acts of piracy

#5 Common Health Facts That Aren’t True


We love a good myth debunker at D’Marge and Business Insider have done the hard yards outlining some of the most common health related ones. From ice cream as a flu remedy to chocolate as an aphrodisiac, these are the health myths you should ignore.

Coffee stunts your growth – Research has found that there is no correlation between caffeine consumption and bone growth in children. So there you have it. Give your children more coffee.

Eating ice cream makes your cold worse – False. The notion of dairy creating more mucous is not true, according to a Mayo Clinic doctor. He even adds that “in fact, frozen dairy products can soothe a sore throat and provide calories when you otherwise may not eat.” Sweet Jesus.

Sugar and chocolates make great aphrodisiacs – Sugar and chocolates as a love potion was a myth conceived in the mid 19th century. Today there is zero evidence that more chocolates will lead to hotter sex so it looks like you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way guys.

There is no five second rule – Germs and bacteria will infest a food item dropped on the floor within a millisecond so there is no safe duration. The only safety measure is how clean the surface you’ve dropped the food on is. So as Arnold would say: “Put da cookie down!”

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