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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #99

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1 of 6|Felt TA FRD Track Bike
2 of 6|DJI Mavic Pro
3 of 6|MDK9 Dog Haus
4 of 6|Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom
5 of 6|Porsche Design KEF Headphones
6 of 6|Veldt Helmets

A new week brings mankind one step closer to enslavement and the rise of the machines. We know which side we’re on, petty humans. With that said, here are the week’s best gadgets and objects of manly affection.

#1 Felt TA FRD Track Bike

We love a good track bike at D’Marge but this is one serious piece of kit that even astounds us. Developed specifically for the American pursuit team of the Rio Olympics, the Felt TA FRD was never expected to hit the consumer market due to its highly customised specs geared towards racing at the pinnacle. Given that fact, this carbon fibered aero masterpiece on wheels retails for an bank-busting US$25,999. Yep, the term ‘consumer bike’ shall be taken rather lightly.


Price: $25,999/BUY

#2 DJI Mavic Pro

Here comes a new challenger. Not even a month since the GoPro Karma was officially unveiled, the advanced camera drone has seen its most formidable competition yet. The DJI Mavic Pro mimics the Karma’s foldable and compact proportions whilst pairing a stabilised 4K camera with 27 minute flight time and a ludicrous 7km range. There’s also a built-in FlightAutonomy system which can help the drone position, navigate and plot routes whilst avoiding obstacles at up to 35km/h. If that’s not fast enough then kick it into Sport Mode and have it flying at 65km/h as you capture the gnarliest video. Track mode is available making for some epic drone selfies. Once it’s all done, simply fold away and stow it away in a backpack.

Price: $1,699/BUY

#3 MDK9 Dog Haus

Not all dogs are born equal and if yours rules the home then he is deserving of a mansion. The MDK9 Dog Haus is a designer dog’s dream crib featuring Brazilian teak wood and powder coated steel construction and a brushed alluminum name plate for your canine friend. The interior of the MDK9 also comes with a Jax and Bones luxe memory foam pillow in various colours to your dog’s liking. An integrated dog bowl finishes things off nicely.

Price: $3,650/BUY

#4 Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom

Say hello to the Japanese version of the Nintendo Classic Mini which takes its design inspiration from the Family Computer’s case and controller. Besides the 30 classic pre-loaded games, there’s also some exclusive games in the Famicom version including River City Ransom and Final Fantasy III. The beauty of it all? It’s about the size of your palm, USB enabled and fully integrate-able with the latest HD displays via a single HDMI port.

Price: $60/BUY



#5 Porsche Design KEF Headphones

You’re probably still a fair way from that Porsche 911 but these earphones designed by Porsche you can definitely score now. Helping with this neat little project are the hi-fi specialists at KEF who have released the Motion One wireless headphone. The signature clean Porsche Design is there along with an aluminium housing for optimum wave resonance, a pivoting earpiece, water resistant housing for active duties and a sturdy 10-hours of battery life. There’s more in the range so visit KEF to find out more.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#6 Veldt Helmets

Ruby Helmets have released a cool new range of modular vintage helmets called Veldt and they are sexy as hell. They also protect your noggin of course. Each helmet design is simple and features a carbon fibre shell for maximum strength and minimum weight. The innovative strapping system also allows the helmets to feature a full flip up shield for the ultimate Speed Racer look. Their first helmet design can be worn a staggering four different ways with bolt-on accessories.

Price: $430/BUY


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