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30+ Stylish Studio Apartments That Will Tempt You To Downsize

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You don’t need five bedrooms, a library, and an indoor basketball court to call a space home. If you’re fresh out of school, or living in a city with astronomical rents, or simply want to save extra cash, studio apartments are a mini-but-mighty alternative to multi-room living.

Right now you’re thinking about the C words. “Cramped.” “Confined.” “Cluttered.” “Claustrophobic.”

But how about “cool?” And “cosy?” And “chic?” A well-designed studio is all of those things, even if its square footage is less than a celebrity shoe closet. It comes down to how you divide and decorate it.

Stylish studio living starts with editing your possessions. Keep what you need and what you absolutely love; let go of everything else. Opt for furniture that can perform multiple functions, like seating that doubles as storage space. Use a light, neutral colour palette to enlarge the room (but don’t be afraid of colour if that’s what you want). Keep shelves free of clutter and make the most of blank space on walls.

Constraints inspire creativity. One day that basketball court could be yours, but in the meantime, accept the challenge of designing within limited space. You may be surprised by how dapper your diminutive bachelor pad can be.

We’ve assembled a collection of smart single-room abodes in the gallery above. Flip through for inspiration on everything from floor plans to colour palettes, then read our expert guide to making a small apartment bigger.

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