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Architects EAT Unveil Fitzroy’s Finest Industrial Residence

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Let the Architects EAT team run rampant in an urban industrial space and they will surely come out with the goods.

One of their finest examples to date is this 250m2 conversion of an old brick warehouse located in Melbourne, Australia. The space located in an old industrial area takes the existing lines and textures of the space before turning into a contemporary family home fit for comfortable living.

Inside the home exists vast entertainment spaces from open lounges to a fully fledged library wall complete with a rolling ladder. Moving along elsewhere will allow for more breathing space in the form of a naturally lit balcony room lined with plush grass.

The rooms on the upper levels allow for excellent accentuation of the building’s original high ceilings, making this space one of the most awe-inspiring places to relocate the family.

There’s even private areas for creative inspiration such as the storage room which doubles as a small work office that is only accessible via a black spiral staircase.

And we haven’t even talked about the bathroom yet which utilised high wooden ceilings and beautifully appointed lighting features.



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