5 New Fragrances That Will Get You Over The Line On Date Night

Want to smell chic-er than you look, come date night? With hundreds of fragrances on the market right now, chances are your intimate friend has already smelled the likes of the common perfume classics, as well as some of those more modern fragrance offerings, that everyone seems to be spraying.

So, when several leading luxury brands release (and relaunch) a new scent as part of their men’s grooming repertoire only weeks ago, it’s time to spritz a little something fresh, on that bland wrist.

From Cartier’s refillable honey-yellow perfume to Ferragamo’s bottling of what it means to look (and smell) Italian, there’s a cologne to suit the pickiest taste in this mens’ fragrance round-up. Woody and rummy, fruity and floral, here are the best new fragrances for men, that are sure to get you over the line on date night.

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#1 Bulgari ‘Man Black Orient’

Like an exotic whiff of the Middle East, the new fragrance by Italian accessories master Bulgari is a must-have this season, especially if you prefer your liquor hard and your spices strong.

Alberto Morillas is the perfumer behind the smell, who has softly sweetened the man-scent via rose and tuberose flower middle notes, alluring to the female nose but never feminine. Essentially, the ‘Man Black Orient’ is an oriental woody leather cologne, thanks to top notes of aged rum and cardamon. Then, the tanned leather enhances the fragrance’s ruggedness, making it a man’s man fragrance, but with a hint of elegance.

#2 Tauerville ‘Tuberose Flash’

The latest from Swiss perfumer Tauerville is the ‘Tuberose Flash’. It’s a bright and light fragrance for men that exhorts the tuberose plant — a grand white flower known for its hints of sweet citrus. Key notes mixed with the tuberose bulb include jasmine and orange.

But it’s certainly not an overbearing flower dose. The sweetness is moderate with exotic scents thrown in to capture the pure Orient; namely, patchouli, amber and benzoin. Besides, you don’t want your floral cologne overpowering those roses you’ll be arriving at the restaurant with.

#3 Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Uomo’

Looking and dressing like an Italian is only really achieved when you embody the complete Italian lifestyle. So, the continental casa, Salvatore Ferragamo, has captured the sprezzatura scent of the Milanese with its new ‘Uomo’ fragrance.

Rich and woody, Uomo blends Italy’s classic heritage with innovative chemistry, so you’re left smelling like the charms of the past — without the musty and dusty. Top notes are black pepper, cardamom and bergamot, atop of middle notes orange blossom and tiramisu (so Italian). But cashmere wood, sandalwood and tonka bean are the base, taking the cologne from Italian dessert to a pure potion of Italiano style. Bravo.

‘#4 Cartier ‘L’envol’

Perfumer Mathilde Laurent has spared no expense for French firm Cartier. The luxury brand’s latest fragrance ‘L’envol’, translated to mean ‘takeoff’, takes its scent from ambrosia mead, a honeyed wine known to be consumed by Greek deities.

But, the most standout thing about the fragrance is the packaging —  a glass bulb suspended in a glass dome, which makes the scent look like a bottle of honey, so it’s part cologne, part feature piece on your bedroom dresser.

Better yet, the bottle is refillable, achieved by opening the metal fillagreed — with Cartier’s signature braided ribbon motif — at the top. Too bad you can’t take the bottle to dinner.

#5 Jean Paul Gualtier ‘Le Male Essence de Parfum’

Forming part of Jean Paul Gualtier’s latest display of scents, the ‘Belle Perfumerie’ collection, ‘Le Male Essence de Parfum’ is a cheeky take on what typifies a masculine smell. Cardamom, citrus and lavender are strong components to the fragrance, as well as leather, which grounds the fragrance and gives it a svelte richness.

Designed by perfumer Quentin Bisch, Gaultier’s bottling has much changed since the original male body container seen in his ‘Le Male’ archetype. Essence de Parfum this time comes in a chiselled Adonis-like glass, with broader shoulders and a narrower waist than previously. Smell great, and get some gym-spiration too. Pr-date prerequisites, really.

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