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Researchers Have Discovered The Best Time To Email Your Boss


Why you haven’t gotten that pay rise

Still hanging out for that pay rise talk you asked for more than a year ago? Your boss isn’t ghosting you – it’s likely that your email was just shit.

Grammarly, the handy browser extension which flags dodgy grammar and spelling as you type has conducted a comprehensive analysis of over a billion words which their system has corrected.

What they discovered was that people who wrote emails either early in the morning or late at night were most prone to making spelling and grammatical mistakes.

More specifically, the stats showed that emails written at night time between the hours of 10pm and 2am fostered the most mistakes – 14.3 mistakes for every 100 words to be exact. During 4am and 8am, emails contained 11.8 mistakes for every 100 words. That’s more than enough room for a few misplaced zeroes on your offer.

The study also broke down the types of writes, finding that bloggers tended to make less mistakes than dedicated social media and email writers within the same time frames.

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It’s concluded then that your most important emails should only go out in the early afternoon where Grammarly says that mistakes are limited to about 3.7 per 100 words.

The tech firm also adds that the basics are mandatory in looking professional.

When do you do your best writing? Whether or not you’ve noticed a tendency to be sharper by day or night, one thing’s for certain – good writing depends on proofreading,” Grammarly said in a post.

“Take a moment to double-check your blog posts, emails, and social media shares so your writing will shine at every time of day.”

Now go forth and send the best email you’ve ever sent to your boss with full confidence that you still probably won’t get that pay rise. Thankfully, it’s also been found that Fridays are the best days to submit resumes.

[via Good]



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