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Wedding Hairstyles You Won’t Cringe At Ten Years Down The Track

Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding day photographer, only to look back at pictures of yourself (and that hair) several years on and think, “what on earth was I doing?”

While weight gain and children are both a natural part of wedded bliss, a regretful hairstyle doesn’t have to plague you a few years into it.

Got a wedding coming up? Or maybe you’re still single and planning (well) in advance? We can all learn how to shape up those loose locks, with a great wedding hairstyle for men — one that won’t have you cringing ten years down the track.

Already married and hated your groom hair? Still read on: don’t make important-day-hair-errors twice in your life.

Wedding Day Hair 101

Laying down the wedding hair rules for the groom, Nathan Jancauskas, founder of Men’s Biz, has some expert tips or wedding day hair 101, for men about to say ‘I do’.


Don’t experiment with a new ‘do, only days before you say ‘I do’.

  • Change is good but now is not the time to experiment with a wild new hairstyle. “My advice would be to go with a style that is classic, neat and tidy and that you’ve had before and know suits you,” says Jancauskas.
  • Stick with who you know. “Go to the person who usually cuts your hair – don’t be swayed to try a new place because it’s trendy or convenient. If you must go somewhere new, bring a photo so the barber knows exactly what you want.”
  • Get your hair cut about a week in advance. “The extra time will soften the cut a little and also give you a chance to fix any disasters. I’d also suggest a tidy up the day before the wedding, just the neckline and around the ears.”
  • Don’t attempt that bleached-out, undercut style you saw Justin Bieber rocking on the red carpet. “Avoid trendy haircuts that will date quickly. There are some classic cuts for guys that won’t date, which are much better for a groom.”

Here are five alter-worthy hairstyles that you’ll be happy to stick by — ’til death do us part.

#1 Classic Short Crop 


Don’t want to risk getting it wrong? Go short.

Much like your impeccably tailored suit wedding suit, the classic short back and sides hairstyle is a simple and effective way of sharpening your appearance, without the risk of getting it wrong.

“This is a classic look: simple, smart and very wedding-worthy,” says Jancauskas. “The cut is really important here.”

Perfect for guys with thick hair, the allover short look has a gradual taper on the back and sides to keep it tight and close to the head. The texture, and a slight length, remains on top.

“Go for a pomade with or without shine,” says Jancauskas. “Just don’t overdo it.”

#2 Soft Side Part


A soft side part is a relaxed version of the more formal, slick part.

A more casual take on the slick and neat, the side part offer old-world charm — without looking like you’re ready for a Great Gatsby party.

With the help of your barber, work out what side your hair ‘naturally’ parts, based on the way your hair likes to grow. It’s important when you come to styling — going against the grain of your hair on your wedding day means it’s less likely to want to stay parted.

Then, how much do you want your side part to stand out? By having the sides and back tapered with a strong contrast on length, the side parting will look even sharper.

“The soft side part is a more relaxed style (compared to the slick part) that works well if you have fine hair,” says Jancauskas. “Use a little cream pomade to add control, with shine for a more formal, glean finish.”

#3 Tousled & Textured


Tousled means coherently messy. Not out of control.

Getting married doesn’t mean you have to chop off your locks. Going for a some length on top, with the sides and back shorter, is great for a more laid back wedding style.

“It’s the least conventional of the styles here – and good for the guy that wants to look a bit more casual,” says Jancauskas. “The textured style is also suited to finer hair types, curly hair or longer styles.”

And don’t let the word tousled lead you to believe it’s less work.

“It does need to be styled really well or it will look messy – so this might be one to visit a hairdresser the morning before to get them to style it for you.”

No time for that? Go DIY. “Towel dry you hair first up and style with a lightweight cream for texture, using a hairdryer to add volume.”

#4 Buzz Cut


A clean, buzz cut look will do away with hair fly-aways.

The most sans fuss hairstyle is the buzz cut. A minimalist, masculine look, the buzz cut varies in length, depending on what number blade you select — descending for short to very short.

“The buzz cut is super easy to maintain,” says Jancauskas. “But, check with your partner first before going down this route. It’s a strong statement and doesn’t suit all face shapes.”

And, despite the ease and breeziness, don’t attempt to shave your head at home — you don’t won’t hair tufts ruining your photos.

“Go to a barber. There are also heaps of variations on the buzz cut, so come prepared with a photo if you’re not sure how to explain exactly what you want.”

Chris Evans or Wentworth Miller — not bad odds.

#5 Bald Style


A smooth, shaved head is perfect for the gent who lacks hair — and it’s much better than a comb over.

Going bald? Or there already? While there are a few short back and sides hairstyles that suit thinning hair, the bald shave (so there’s nothing but skin) is a great way to appear like you have hair, but chose to shave it off.

“This is great choice for guys that are balding,” concurs Jancauskas. “Much better than a comb over.”

The one thing you don’t want, however, is a sheeny, shiny scalp — particularly poignant at the receiving end of a camera flash.

“You might want a matte finish balm to take the shine off that bald dome,” adds Jancauskas. “Then, smile, relax and enjoy the day. You only get one wedding day, hopefully.”



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