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Cool Designer Armchairs To Make You Man Of The House

The Armchair, a piece of furniture that holds symbolism in authority, maturity, balance and deep contemplation. This chair sits between the casual and supportiveness of a lounge and the structure of a regular dining chair.

Like a tux, the armchair is a staple piece, required for any man who considers himself a gentleman.

If armchairs do not yet have a place in your home, it is most definitely time they did. Here is our top five pick of designer armchairs, ready to support and host you during your late-night whiskey ramblings, hours of reading or simple moments of ponder.

Oh and don’t let us forget the benefits of a generously sized chair with arms for when that date of yours is ready for some kinky manoeuvres.

Paulistano Armchair By Paulo Mendes Da Rocha


A single steel bar completes this seamless frame

“The constructivist concept of the structure, made up from a single bended steel bar and a leather cover, give this armchair an aesthetic lightness and an incomparable comfort.”

Included within the permanent collection at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York), the Paulistano Armchair was designed in France by Paulo Mendes Da Rocha. Constructed with a single bended steel bar and leather cover, this absolutely must-have chair eludes a sense of purity and elegance, whilst providing remarkable comfort.

Luckily for you, Hub furniture has made this timeless chair available to us all.

The Wireframe Club Chair By Herman Miller


A modern and lightweight approach

Inspired by metal baskets and the way their form can create structure with very little mass, the Wireframe Club Chair is a uniquely modern and surprisingly light-weight chair.

The durable steel wire frame holds it’s cushioning in place, this being the first sofa chair that employs a suspension technology which evenly distributes sitting pressure. You can also be confident in this comfortable choice, knowing it is manufactured using sustainable materials and practices.

Head to Living Edge for a peruse.

The SEB By Jardan


Modern palettes make this chair by Jardan a favourite

This bold and yet refined made-to-order armchair is the perfect addition to any contemporary man’s home.

The Seb is constructed with a modern and diverse material palette including a powder-coated steel frame, leather sling seat, american oak arms and upholstered cushion.

Head to Jardan to see it in person.

The Nature Boy By MCM House


An elegant balance of angles, weight, definition and materials

The splendidly named Nature Boy is an elegant balance of angles, weight, definition and materials. Deep and generous cushions ensure maximum comfort while an angular and directional base provides a masculine grounding. The Nature Boy is a truly unique chair that adds a relaxed sophistication to it’s environment.

See it at MCM House.

The ‘IKO Easy Chair’ By Flou


A loungeroom show stopper

Last, but absolutely not least is the Easy Chair, part of the Iko range by Flou. This chair is a real show-stopper, one that commands attention, particularly to its precise and cultivated detail.

A range of speciality finishes have been used to create a luxurious and sculptural piece. A blend of specialty-finished steel, hide, marble and brass have been orchestrated in a harmonious way that showcase the craftsmanship that has gone into the design and manufacturing of the piece.

Find your Easy chair via archi products.



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