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Diesel Launches A Brand New Location In Sydney

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The Italians have invaded one of Sydney’s most iconic buildings, setting up shop in Pitt Street’s The Strand Arcade.

Diesel is the brand who will be offering their finest denim threads and more as it continues the tradition of employing Russell and George to help out with the store fit out for an added hint of Australian bravery and irreverence.

The new store circulates around the idea of the Denim God, a play on the word “demigod”, and pays homage to Diesel’s international brand reach.

The store will feature a centrepiece called the denim temple, a central concrete sarcophagus clad in glass and gold leaf, where Diesel product is the hero.

Gold leaf also adorns a concrete clad domed element to exude an air of reverence.

Explaining the unique design of the new store, Managing Director of Mandana Holdings, Sanjay Jain, says that “Diesel is the alternative luxury brand with its heritage rooted in the world’s finest denim. We were looking at how we could express and celebrate this most vividly.”

“We asked innovative local designers Russell and George to be bold and brave. The inspirational denim temple was born. This store represents an ongoing investment by the Australian distributor, Mandana, as it continues to expand Diesel as one of the world’s most cutting edge premium denim brands” says Jain.

Diesel located in The Strand Arcade is now open to the public.


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