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Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Officially Debuts In Australia

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It was a case of history repeating itself today when Australia saw the launch of yet another GTC4Lusso, only this time it came with a ‘T’ tacked onto the name.

The ‘T’, as you probably would have guessed, stands for Turbo but that’s not all Ferrari changed from the original GTC4Lusso which debuted earlier this year.

The new heart of the Prancing Horse lends itself to a turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 in a move that sees the GT concept ditching the big V12 to fall in line with the 488GTB power train. The Lusso T is also rear-wheel-drive in comparison to the current V12 model’s AWD system.

According to the CEO of Ferrari Australasia, Herbert Appleroth, it’s all about providing customers with a new breed of Ferrari that is sporty, versatile, and ideal for driving on a daily basis.

“It has all the superior qualities Ferrari owners have come to admire in the brand and we are certain that the Ferraristi in Australia and New Zealand are going to love this model, the first-ever Ferrari with four seats and a V8 engine.”

As mentioned earlier, the GTC4Lusso T has traded the big naturally aspirated motor for a lighter set up which now affords 449kW and 760Nm of torque. Ferrari claims that the new turbo setup is a lot friendlier around town in terms of quieter acceleration from low speeds.

Those fearing the dreaded turbo lag should also rest assure that the car’s advanced modular torque delivery should pull you off the line quick enough. And not that a buyer of this type of car would be aiming for daily mileage targets, but if you must know it has improved fuel economy which drops from the V12’s 15.4L/100km to 11.6L/100km.

Injecting the dynamics of a true Ferrari into a big four-seater weighing almost two-tonnes isn’t easy. To help the car move, the GTC4Lusso T employs a dynamic control system responsible for boosting responsiveness to driver inputs.

This is paired with Ferrari’s 4WS (rear-wheel steering) which is integrated with Side Slip Control (SSC3) for converting rapid steering input into cornering agility.

Which now brings us to pricing. For a car that does the 0-100km/h sprint in 3.5 seconds, the GTC4Lusso T will set local punters back around AU$503,888 with options pushing the base model all they way up to AU$631,558.

At least it’ll be easier to convince the partner how practical it is.



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