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A Night In With The Glenfiddich Experimental Series

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Scotch whisky maker Glenfiddich is embracing the ‘maverick’ through the launch of their latest Experimental Series of drinks.

The grand unveiling sees a range of innovative bottles which pair unique flavours with influential minds beyond the world of whisky.

As the name suggests, it’s all about the experimentation in pursuit of new ways to enjoy Glenfiddich and the distillers haven’t disappointed.

The first two experimentation blends include the Glenfiddich IPA Experiment, the world’s first single malt Scotch whisky finished in India Pale Ale (IPA) craft beer casks.

Brian Kinsman who is Glenfiddich’s Malt Master says that “The Experimental Series builds on Glenfiddich’s long tradition of innovation and takes us to new levels of experimentation in a way no distillery has ever done before.”

“The idea was quite unusual but one we were passionate about – we wanted to really play with the flavours to see what we could create.”

What they created in the end was a liquid with a zesty citrus note followed by soft, sweet vanilla and a hint of fresh hops.

“It’s an innovative flavour which comes from carefully hand-selecting the right malt whiskies to complement the extra hoppy notes,” adds Kinsman.

Following this is the second edition to the series named Project XX (pronounced ‘twenty’), a whisky which represents one of the most ambitious malt experiments of Glenfiddich’s 130-year history.

This particular blend took 20 whisky experts alongside Kinsman to develop one whisky made from 20 individual single malts. Pioneering this method meant going against whisky tradition but Glenfiddich went ahead with it anyway to evoke the maverick spirit.

“The final liquid was exceptional,” says Brian Kinsman.

“It has the warm summer fruity character of a classic Glenfiddich but then its ‘multiple personalities’ are revealed as the flavours of candyfloss, cinnamon spice, almonds and rich port tannins kick in with the odd hint of liquorice.”

Those interested in sampling the Glenfiddich Experimental Series will get to from November 2016 in Australia.


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