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Young Cash Money: Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30

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1 of 17|Kyrie Irving|Age: 24, Earnings: $28.5M
2 of 17|Usain Bolt|Age: 30, Earnings: $32.5M
3 of 17|Ed Sheeran|Age: 25, Earnings: $33.5M
4 of 17|Kei Nishikori|Age: 26, Earnings: $33.5M
5 of 17|Neymar|Age: 24, Earnings: $37.5M
6 of 17|Drake|Age: 30, Earnings: $38M
7 of 17|Sebastian Vettel|Age: 29, Earnings: $41M
8 of 17|Rory McIlroy|Age: 27, Earnings: $42.5M
9 of 17|Jennifer Lawrence|Age: 26, Earnings: $46M
10 of 17|The Weeknd|Age: 26, Earnings: $55M
11 of 17|Justin Bieber|Age: 22, Earnings: $56M
12 of 17|Novak Djokovic|Age: 29, Earnings: $56M
13 of 17|Rihanna|Age: 28, Earnings: $75M
14 of 17|Adele|Age: 28, Earnings: $80.5M
15 of 17|Lionel Messi|Age: 29, Earnings: $81.5M
16 of 17|One Direction|Age: 22-24, Earnings: $110M
17 of 17|Taylor Swift|Age: 26, Earnings: $170M

Those over the age of thirty who have yet to make their first million can now look away and go cry in a corner.

Forbes have just released the thirty highest paid celebrities under the age of 30 for 2016. There’s no guessing who makes up the top ten with some of the most famous musicians and pop stars today muscling out some of the world’s biggest sports stars for top billing orders.

The list is littered with big American sports stars the rest of the world haven’t heard so we’ve taken the liberty to cull down the list to just a few you’d recognise.

Notable mentions go to the queen of pop, Taylor Swift who leads the pack with a massive US$170 million in earnings for the period between June 1, 2015 to June 1, 2016. Following closely behind is boy band One Direction at $110 million.

On the sporting front, 29-year-old footballer Lionel Messi comes in first with earnings of $81.5 million from various streams of lucrative sponsorship deals as well as his club fees.

Not to be left out are the boys reeling in the cash in the form of Justin Bieber ($56M), The Weeknd ($55M) and Drake ($38M) all rising up the ranks for the richest under 30. And for your information, these figures are all in US dollars.

Feeling better? Good. Now go ask your boss for a pay rise.



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