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How To Build A Wardrobe Worthy Of ‘Westworld’

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1 of 9|Nick Fouquet|Western hat - AU$2,200 - BUY
2 of 9|D.Gnak by Kang.D|Black wool blazer - AU$600 - BUY
3 of 9|Salvatore Ferragamo|Silk printed neckerchief - AU$290 - BUY
4 of 9|Kazuyuki Kumagai|Grey cotton henley shirt - AU$500 - BUY
5 of 9|Incotex|Melange wool waistcoat - AU$230 - BUY
6 of 9|Torino Belts|Alligator print calfskin belt - BUY
7 of 9|Manuel Bozzi|Onion pocket watch - AU$600 - BUY
8 of 9|Topman|Grey check wool trouser - AU$90 - BUY
9 of 9|Belstaff|Waxed leather boots - AU$519 - BUY

HBO’s latest television series hit is Westworld — a melange of robot cowboys and heavy hitting corporate ideals. With a $100 million budget and vast character array, this sci-fi western is laced with hedonistic pleasures and viciousness, set within a dystopian-esque theme park, called ‘Westworld’. And the real world — just like with Games of Thrones — is hooked.

Aside from the story play between man and host, it’s the characters’ clothes that deserve our full attention. There’s Teddy Flood’s western quintessentialism, Dr. Ford’s traditional tailoring, and bad guy Hector’s penchant for leather and embossed cowboy hats.

Not forgetting Ed Harris’ character — the anonymous Man In Black. Suited sharper than a knife, the MIB doesn’t let the terrorising of hosts disturb his ability to dress impeccably: all-black tailoring and a bold, black hat and boots.

Dark with a western heritage, here are nine of the best villain and hero pieces to rock for your own recreation worthy of Westworld.

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